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The mapping unit maintains the official record of all public roadways in the state, which includes the processing of the Certificates of Highway Mileage and maintenance of the Official Town Highway Maps. If a town submits a change to the town road system, staff inventories and measures the new roads and inspects the changes to the other roads on the system. After this fieldwork, staff makes the necessary changes to the Official Town Highway Map. The town maps are updated and generated using the Highway Mapping System, which runs within the Geographic Information System (GIS). The road centerline data maintained by this unit is used by other GIS users as a base for roads within the State of Vermont.

Route Logs

This unit maintains Route Logs for all the highways eligible for federal aid. These highways include all US routes, Vermont routes, and town state aid routes. The route logs are updated annually with all the construction and resurfacing completed in the previous year. The route logs have been previously maintained within the CADD system, but will be maintained and updated within a new GIS-based Route Log System that is soon to be developed. View Route Logs

Map Library

We also maintain a library of maps that have been produced by the Agency. These maps include state, town and county maps, statewide highway maps, town highway maps, county highway maps, and other special-use maps. These maps are provided to the legislature, VTrans personnel, municipalities, and the public.

View Town Highway maps for all Vermont Towns

Johnathan Croft
GIS Database Administrator
Tel: (802) 828-2600