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Maps include:

Total of 319 maps: Towns - 242; Villages - 37; Cities - 9; Gores - 4; Urban Compacts * - 24
* Urban compacts are not political jurisdictions. They show densely developed parts of certain towns.

Map Year:

In 2020, 80 new town highway maps were produced, replacing the previous editions of those maps.
Maps from 2015 - 2019 are still valid (i.e. current) for municipalities that have not reported changes since the most recent map was produced. The link above provides access to the latest town highway map for each municipality, and notes the year of the map in its filename.

Current map production history:
In 2015, a full set of town highway maps were produced which replaced the previous editions of the maps.
In 2016, 92 new maps were generated to reflect the changes reported to us during the 2016 mileage certificate process.
In 2017, 82 new maps were generated to reflect the changes reported to us during the 2017 mileage certificate process.
In 2018, 73 new maps were generated to reflect the changes reported to us during the 2018 mileage certificate process.
In 2019, 41 new maps were generated to reflect the changes reported to us during the 2019 mileage certificate process.

To view maps:

The maps are in PDF format and require the Acrobat Reader to view them.

More information about features and production of these maps:

Features and data shown on the maps
Highway information:

  • All state and town highways
  • State highway route numbers & town highway numbers
  • Classification (1, 2, 3, 4, or Legal Trail) of town highways
  • Mileage between all intersections
  • Mileage totals by highway classification
  • Street names within cities, villages & urban compacts

Major streams, lakes, public lands, and railroads
Town names, boundaries & local place names

Production and purpose of Town Highway Maps
The Mapping Section of the Agency of Transportation Policy, Planning and Intermodal Development Division produces the Town Highway Maps. These maps are updated annually based on information supplied by municipalities on an annual Mileage Certificate. The chief purpose of these maps is to document classification and mileage of town highways for purposes of calculating payment to towns of State Aid for town highway maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Class 1 Town Highway Lane Miles are sections of Class 1 that may be divided or multi-lane sections. These miles are in addition to the class 1 miles and in some years, get supplemental funding, but are not used in the standard appropriation calculation for state aid for maintenance funding.

Class 1 Lane Miles need to meet specific criteria to be included and mileage shouldn't be doubled for undivided highway sections with 2 lanes (ie: primary and secondary directions). The eligibility standards that we use for lane miles is as follows:

  • A lane width of at least 10 feet. Calculation of length shall not include any tapers and will commence when the width of the lane has reached a full 10 feet.
  • A lane will only be considered if it is identified by appropriate lane striping.
  • Turning and holding lanes shall not be included unless a length of such lane exceeds 200 feet.