Map Archive

The Agency has scanned the maps in the Vermont Agency of Transportation Mapping Section's map files, and has posted them on an FTP server accessible to the public. If you are unable to directly open a file by clicking on it, right-click on it, download it to your computer, and then open it with the appropriate software. Most of the images are in TIF format and can be opened using picture-viewing software. The PDF files can be opened using Acrobat Reader.

Database Interface for Town Highway Maps. This interface includes basic metadata about each map image.

FTP Interface for Scanned Maps

Town Highway Maps

The map series titled TownMapSeries contains images of our Town Highway Maps from 1931 to the most recent year for each town, organized by county and town. The metadata for the images in this map series is available through the database interface described in the above Getting Access section.

County Maps

There are two county map series, one titled CountyMapSeries_1947 featuring county maps from 1947, and one titled CountyMapSeries_1989 featuring maps from 1989. In the 1989 series, the map base is dated 1986, but the date of the road surface types is from 1989. Both series are organized by county.

Vermont Maps

The VermontMaps series contains miscellaneous maps of Vermont of various vintages.