Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Agency of Transportation, Permitting Services Section, is temporarily redirecting all mail and packages to a new location.  During this time, there is no mail delivery to the physical location at Barre City Place (219 North Main Street, Barre).  All mailing items are to be addressed to Vermont Agency of Transportation, Development Review and Permitting Services Section, 2178 Airport Road, Unit B, Berlin, VT 05641 in order to process your information in a timely manner.  Once our normal business processes return to normal the mailing address may be updated.


The Permitting Services unit reviews and issues commercial and residential permits for all work performed within Agency-owned rights-of-way. This includes the installation and maintenance of utility facilities and the construction and maintenance of commercial accesses to property adjacent to the rights-of-way, including permits under Title 19 VSA Section 1111 Statute, commonly referred to as Section 1111 permits and corresponding Title 19 VSA Section 1112 Statue for fees.

State Highway Access and Work Permit (19 VSA 1111), Section 1111

For projects involving access to a state highway, applicants for municipal site plan approval under Title 24 VSA Section 4416 Statute must include a letter of intent from VTrans that confirms that the Agency has reviewed the proposed site plan and is prepared to issue a State Highway Access and Work Permit. The letter of intent will itemize any conditions that the agency attaches to the permit.

State Highway Access and Work Permit Application & Fee Schedule

Guidance for Demonstration Projects

Guidance Document: Demonstration Projects in State Highway Right-of-Way

Demonstration Project Phase 1 Pre-Application

Demonstration Project Phase 2 Section 1111 Permit Application Supplement

Permitting Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Management Program Guidelines and Map

VTrans Standard B-71a Residential Access

VTrans Standard B-71b Commercial Access

VTrans ROW Spatial Hub

Utility Accommodation Plan

Permit Listing Report

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Permitting Services Key Personnel For Your Area

Craig Keller, P.E., Chief of Permitting Services  |  (802)-636-0037  |  craig.keller@vermont.gov 

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