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Mileage Certificates

Information about the 2023 Mileage Certificate process is available at:

The mileage certificates are part of an annual process by which VTrans compiles town highway mileage for all town roads.


Town highway mileage must be documented for the purpose of allocating the legislature’s appropriation of annual town highway aid. This is mandated by V.S.A. Title 19, Chapter 3, sections 305 and 306. Updating of town road mileage also enables VTrans to produce maps and data that are used by the public, local and state government, and VTrans.

Summary of Process

Selectboards must certify Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 town highways and legal trails by February 10 of each year. The VTrans Mapping Section sends out a Certificate of Highway Mileage to all cities, towns and incorporated villages by the first week in January. The certificate shows mileage broken down by highway class as of the previous year. Any error corrections, or any new mileage changes received since the last certificate from the town is added by VTrans. Documentation for any changes needs to be submitted by the town. Towns are asked to enter any changes that occurred in the previous year ending February 10. Towns are asked to return certificates to VTrans by February 20. The Mapping Section compiles the results.

Products and Results

In early April, updated mileage figures are sent to the Budget and Financial Operations section of the VTrans Finance and Administration Division, to be used in programming state aid calculation.

Town Highway Grant Program Current Rates
Town Highway Grant Program Town Lookup

After the figures are submitted to the Finance and Administration Division, the Mapping Section starts work on the production of the town highway maps, incorporating changes reported by towns.
Town Highway Maps

After all the changes for that year have been incorporated and the town highway maps have been produced, the GIS road centerline data is distributed to the public through the Vermont Open Geodata Portal.


Sample Certificate with an Example of How to Fill It Out

Documentation Checklist for Adding / Reclassifying / Discontinuing a Town Highway or Legal Trail

Guidelines - Certificate of Highway Mileage

Certificate of Completion and Opening of a Highway for Public Travel
Plain format:

Adobe Fillable Form Format:

Mileage Certificate Specialists

Kerry Alley and Pam DeAndrea are the Certificate Specialists who oversee the review and processing of the mileage certificates.
Email address for both:

Archived Certificates

The Agency is scanning the Mileage Certificates from the VTrans Mapping Section's files, and posting them on an FTP server accessible to the public. If you are unable to directly open a file by clicking on it, right-click on it, download it to your computer, and then open it with the appropriate software. The PDF files can be opened using Acrobat Reader.
Guide to How to Interpret the Changed Highways List

Database Interface for Archived Mileage Certificates - This interface includes basic metadata about each Certificate.

Directory Listing Interface for Archived Mileage Certificates - In addition to the Certificates that are recorded in the database interface, this interface includes an incomplete set of multi-year historical Certificates that are not included in the database interface at this time.

Additional Resources

The Orange Book: a Handbook for Town Officials

Title 19 (Highways) of the Vermont Statutes Online.