Highway History

Historic Project Plans

Historic project plans (including "As-Builts") are available through a web map interface. Guidance on how to access the plans is available through the Historic Projects Interface User Guide.

Historic Project Plans Web Map Interface 
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State Highways History

The following are summary listings of state highway history, exclusive of Interstates

State Highways History, in Chronological Order

State Highways History, in Route Order

State Highways History, Details of the Original 1931 1000-mile Addition and the 1935 700-mile Addition

State Highways History, in Route Order with Route Log Notes

Manual of Instructions for Rural Road Inventory - June 1949, 1956 edition

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The following documents were not produced by the Mapping Unit, but may be of interest.

Outline History of Vermont State Highways
Prepared in 1965 by the Vermont Department of Highways.

State Highway Board Report - 1932, excerpt
Sixth Biennial Report of the State Highway Board of the State of Vermont for the Two Years Ending June 30, 1932, Being the Seventeenth Biennial Report of This Department.

State Highway Board Report - 1936, Highway History excerpt
From the Highway Department Biennial Report for 1935-1936.

The History and Law of Vermont Town Roads by Paul Gillies

Report of a Survey of Transportation on the State Highways of Vermont
by the Bureau of Public Roads U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Vermont State Highway Department, 1927

Excerpt from the foreward: " This report contains the results of highway traffic studies of the Federal-aid, State-aid, and town road systems of Vermont conducted during 1926 under a cooperative research agreement between the Bureau of Public Roads, United States Department of Agriculture, and the Vermont State Highway Department."
Foreward: 1927Doc_foreword
Full Document: 1927Doc_full