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Route Logs

Route Logs (Straight-Line Diagrams)

Route logs, also known as straight-line diagrams, are depictions of a given section of highway as it would look if the section was straightened out. This depiction method helps VTrans staff and engineers see the relationship of various pieces of information, like road widths, curves and grades, and historic projects.

We have created an associated web map for selecting Route Logs. By clicking on the orange lines, you find the route code and mileage for a given segment, the town it belongs to, and how many pages there are associated with that segment's route log, and a link to the associated route log.

You can also review the entire collection of route logs on our FTP Server.

Information related to route logs

Mile Marker Info
An introduction to the mile marker project which are the actual posts by the side of the road that contain the highway location information.

Route Direction
Listing of the routes and their official direction. One source about our route log system stated that they were implemented during the 1950s, but page one of the 1951 manual made the comment that "Contruction data are obtained from blueprints of the original route logs which cover the period from 1936 through 1945." and describes the items drawn on the old logs.

1951 Route Log Manual

Draft of the 1951 Manual
It has been included because it contains additional information not included in the final version.

Data Standards and Metadata

Road Centerline Spatial Data Standard
The document's page 10 has information on how the LRS is coded in the VTrans road centerline data layer, referred to as RDS in the document.

Another source of information is the metadata associated with our Linear Reference System data layer, available from the Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI).

VTrans Linear Reference System Metadata

Milepost Metadata

Calibration Point Metadata

General Information about Highway Classification

General information about Highway Classification is available in Section 14 of the Handbook for Local Officials ("The Orange Book").