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This page features VTrans Innovations including Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Grants, State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Incentive Awards, and additional VTrans Innovations.

This page has not been updated since early 2022. Please visit the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) webpage here.


Vermont Innovations are featured in our September Symposium and Quarterly Newsletters


Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Grants

Chittenden County Advanced Traffic Monitoring System using Bluetooth Technology, Robert White (VTrans), Derek Lyman (VTrans) and Sai Sarepelli (CCRPC), FACT SHEET

Implementation of Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) along an Urban Traffic Signal Corridor: Real Time Traffic Information through Bluetooth Deployment, Derek Lyman and Taylor Sisson, FACT SHEET

Tri-State Advanced Transportation Management System and Traveler Information System, Robert White (VTrans), Cliff Curtis (Maine DOT) and Denise Markow (NHDOT)

Right-of-Way (ROW) acquisition process on roadway project in the towns of Pittsford and Brandon

Vermont Agency of Transportation's Field Metalizing Windsor Steel Beam Bridge, J.B. McCarthy, 2020 VTrans Symposium ProjectFinal Report (2023)

State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Incentive Awards

Establish Standardized Training and SOP for Storm Damage Assessments using GIS Capabilities, 2020, Sarah Linn, 2020 VTrans Symposium Project

Develop and Provide GIS Training for Staff with Limited GIS Experience, 2020, Sara Williams

Update Policies and Procedures on Prequalification, Bidding, and Award of Contracts to Include Performance-Based Criteria, 2020, Maureen Parker

Provide training and technology to local agencies to advance asset management program, 2019, Todd Eaton

Hold a Statewide Municipal Innovation Showcase in partnership with Vermont Local Roads to facilitate knowledge sharing, 2019, Stu Johnson (VTrans) and Linda Blasch (NWRPC)

Develop project closure process improvements and introduce new performance measures to expedite project delivery, 2019, Jayna Guilford

Advance A-GaME through the use of geophysical methods, 2019, Steve Madden, 2020 VTrans Symposium Project

Monarch Buttefly Conservation Agreement, 2018, Glenn Gingras, 2020 VTrans Symposium Project

Develop an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) program, 2018, Evan Robinson, WEBSITE, 2020 VTrans Symposium Project

Develop an electronic document management system for construction submittals, 2017, Molly Perrigo 


Additional STIC Incentive awards back to 2014
Discovery of Artesian Groundwater solves a 50-year-old landslide puzzle