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18-1 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for Transportation Signage Management

Project Dates: Sep 1, 2018 - Sep 30, 2020
Project Description:

Traffic signage inventory management is an important part of transportation asset management. This project develops a novel transportation asset inventory management system employing RFID technology for traffic signage management. In this system, RFID tags are attached to traffic signs deployed along the roadway, and an RFID reader mounted on a survey vehicle performs RFID tag interrogation and data processing while moving at a normal driving speed. In addition, a handheld RFID reader is used to scan tags in close range, which renders the overall system more versatile to different operation scenarios. A remote database in the back-end manages tag attribute data. The database server can communicate with both in vehicle and handheld readers in real time.


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Tian Xia and Byung Lee (UVM)

Champion(s)/TAC members:

Jonathan Griffin, Ian Degutis, David Narkewicz, Jonathan Nelson, Kristin Driscoll, John Holding



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