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AMM8: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for Transportation Signage Inventory Management

Brief Project Description: Traffic signage inventory management is an important part of transportation asset management This project develops a novel transportation asset inventory management system employing RFID technology for traffic signage management (Fig 1 a) In this system, RFID tags are attached to traffic signs deployed along the roadway, and an RFID reader (Fig 1 b) mounted on a survey vehicle performs RFID tag interrogation and data processing while moving at a normal driving speed In addition, a handheld RFID reader (Fig 1 c) is used to scan tags in close range, which renders the overall system more versatile to different operation scenarios A remote database in the backend manages tag attribute data The database server can communicate with both in vehicle and handheld readers in real time.

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Presenters: Tian Xia and Byung Lee, University of Vermont

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