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Balanced Mix Design (BMD)

Brief Project Description: Balanced Mix Design (BMD) is an innovative methodology in evaluating asphalt mix designs by utilizing performance - related tests correlated to various volumetric and engineering properties. Using the Hamburg Wheel Tracker Test (HWTT) to evaluate rutting and moisture susceptibility, and the Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT) and Indirect Tensile Asphalt Cracking Test (aka the IDEAL-CT) to evaluate cracking susceptibility, a benchmarking study was conducted by VTrans, FHWA, and NCAT to evaluate the range of test results, with all samples representing plant-produced mixtures on VTrans' Quality Assurance (QA) paving projects from the 2017 through 2021 construction seasons.



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Presenter: Aaron Schwartz, VTrans

Contact: Aaron Schwartz,

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Two journal publications co-authored by Bituminous and Unbound Materials Engineer Aaron Schwartz:

BMD Benchmarking

BMD Production Analysis