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Operation Safety Corridor

Together with Vermont State Police, Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement, local law enforcement, municipal partners, and the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance, VTrans has identified four corridors where data indicates that a combination of high traffic volume, high speeds and a high rate of crashes demands an increased level of enforcement. These areas, called "Safety Corridors" will see an enhanced enforcement effort focusing on speeding, distracted and aggressive driving, impaired driving, and seat belt use. The goal of Operation Safety Corridor is to reduce the number of crashes, improving safety on Vermont roadways.

Safety Corridor Locations

  • I 89 South Burlington - Colchester, 55 MPH speed zone from just south of Exit 13 to just north of Exit 16
  • I 89 NH border to Exit 1 & I 91, 55 mph speed zone
  • US 7  Pittsford - Brandon
  • VT 22A from VT 125 to VT 73, just south of the intersection with VT 73 and Cook Road

How will Operation Safety Corridor be evaluated?

To develop a baseline to track the effectiveness of Operation Safety Corridor, the five year crash history and enforcement history of each site has been analyzed, and where possible, speed sensor carts have been used to collect one to two week’s of speed data. Throughout the Operation, speed cart and sensor data, crash data, and enforcement output will be collected and analyzed. Following the Operation, crash data will be analyzed to determine whether the crash frequency and severity have been impacted. The before and after speed trends will also be analyzed to see if results are lasting. Finally, partners in Operation Safety Corridor will work together to determine the level of enforcement activity needed going forward.