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Internal EEO Compliance

VTrans is committed to providing equal opportunity for all employees and creating an organization in which differences are truly valued. Valuing diversity is vital to VTrans’ ability to serve the residents of Vermont. Towards this end, VTrans intends to work aggressively in order to create a diverse workforce.

Discrimination & Harassment

VTrans has a "zero tolerance" policy for all forms of discrimination and harassment. Discrimination and harassment is illegal, violates state policy, works to devalue the victim as a person and demoralizes all in the workplace. VTrans will investigate all complaints in a timely manner and work to eradicate discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Specific definitions of discrimination and harassment and the procedures that govern investigations can be found on the Department of Human Resources website.

If you wish to file a formal complaint or would like further information, please contact the VTrans EEO Officer, Colleen Montague at (802) 777-2654.

You may also contact any of the following organizations to file a complaint:

Vermont Human Rights Commission:
(802) 828-2480
Vermont Attorney General’s Office:
(802) 828-3171
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:
(617) 565-3200
Vermont State Employee’s Association:
(802) 223-5247