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Subrecipient Center

As a direct recipient of federal-aid and assistance, VTrans may delegate project management responsibilities to subrecipients such as cities, towns, municipalities, not-for-profit agencies and other entities. Subrecipients, like direct recipients, are required to adhere to and carry out federal-aid activities in accordance with all applicable federal requirements, including Title VI and ADA.

Temporary Virtual Public Involvement During COVID 19 - FHWA Guidance


ADA Guides

ADA Title II Action Guide – Leads public entities through a process to compliance with ADA.

Effective Snow Removal for Pathways and Transit Stops

Minnesota Local Road Research Board Transition Plan Template/Guide

US Department of Justice ADA Guide for Small Towns

U.S. Department of Justice - Project Civil Access

ADA Checklist and Fact Sheets

ADA Checklist for Readily Achievable Barrier Removal

ADA Fact Sheet: Restriping Parking Lots

ADA Fact Sheet: Effective Communication

ADA Fact Sheet: Service Animals

ADA Fact Sheet: Maintaining Accessible Features in Retail Establishment

ADA Fact Sheet: Gathering Input from Customers with Disabilities

ADA Fact Sheet: Accessibility for Older Adults

ADA Fact Sheet: Building a Diverse Customer Base

ADA Frequently Asked Questions

ADA Questions and Answers Booklet

ADA Questions and Answers Booklet  - Printer Friendly Version

ADA Training, Events, and Additional Resources

ADA Anniversary Tool Kit

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies, Civil Rights Americans with Disabilities Act Foundations of the ADA/Section 504

ADA Webinars

FHWA Presentation:  Developing a Transition Plan

Webinar:  FEMA Promising Practice:  Inclusive Emergency Management Practices in Vermont 

Regional & Vermont ADA Resources

Disability Rights VT

New England ADA Center

VT Center for Independent Living

VT Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Resources

VT Independent Living Centers


  What is Title VI?

  Subrecipient Title VI Reviews

  Ensuring Compliance with Title VI through Reviews

  Data Collection Tool Kit

  Title VI Compliance Requirements for Subrecipients

  Subrecipient Title VI PowerPoint

  Title VI Subrecipient Overview

  Environmental Justice Policy Guidance For Federal Transit Administration Recipients

  Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies: Overview of FHWA's Civil Rights Program Requirements for Local Public Agencies