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AOT Innovates!

Brief Project Description: AOT launched an initiative in July 2022 called AOT Innovates! to engage employees in innovation and continuous improvement. Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new - an idea, technology, or approach - with the goal of making something better. As legislative entities are significantly increasing the funding available for transportation programs (e.g., American Rescue Plan Act, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), it is important for AOT to develop and sustain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to manage growing public funds efficiently and effectively and deliver increased value to the public. Furthermore, we operate in a world with rapidly changing needs, and our agency requires innovation to both meet current challenges and modernize our transportation system for the future. By leveraging innovation, we can identify and develop new approaches for solving new and persistent challenges and improve our transportation services for the public.


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Presenter: Katie Bockwoldt, AOA Performance

Contact: Amanda Gilman-Bogie,

AOT Innovates Sharepoint (only available for AOT employees)