Defensive Driving

New Information for Defensive Driving

The State of Vermont’s Risk Management Section has “gone live” with PMA Safety Trainings; therefore, Defensive Driving is no longer available through FirstNet (The State Online University).  Instructions for PMA’s Defensive Driver Training, as well as other available on-line trainings are available through:

           "How to access the On-line Workplace Safety Training System through PMA and ResourceNow"

The following PMA Defensive Driver Training is recommended for VTrans personnel:

Defensive Driving - Why Do We Drive the Way We Do? - Online & VOD

This program is designed to help you conduct a training session to ensure that employees recognize that they are professional drivers and need to operate vehicles with professional attitudes and professional defensive-driving skills. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to do these things:       

·         Recognize that they are professional drivers.

·         Make driving decisions from a professional point of view.

·         Identify the driving risks they take and the rewards they expect to get by taking those risks.

·         Understand that unsafe driving can result from both action and inaction.

·         Recognize the conscious and unconscious risks they take.

·         Avoid accidents by using defensive-driving skills.