COVID-19 Transportation Dashboards

The Agency of Transportation has prepared four data sets that demonstrate changes in transportation data during the COVID-19 response period.

The VT Automated Traffic Collection dashboard depicts traffic volumes at all surveyed border crossing locations. The VT Statewide Traffic Volume and VT Crashes dashboards utilize historic data in relation to COVID-19 specific information sets.

The archived VT Border Crossing Traffic dashboard depicts in-state and out-of-state traffic volumes at surveyed border crossing locations from April 1st through June 12th when collection ended.

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VT Statewide Automated Traffic Collection During C19 Response

This dashboard shows inbound and outbound traffic volume trends at 19 border crossing locations. Data is collected from 11 sensor trailers, 5 CTC stations and 3 RWIS (Road Weather Information System). Data collection began on 04/17/20. All data is preliminary and subject to change at any time.

VT Statewide Traffic Volume During C19 Response

The report below depicts how general traffic volumes observed on state routes has changed since the onset of COVID-19, as compared to the previous year for the same time period. The time period may be adjusted by changing the dates specified in the bottom right corner.

VT Crashes During C19 Response

The chart below depicts how motor vehicle crash reports have been affected since the onset of COVID-19.  Each line in the chart represents a different year, and can be toggled on/off by selecting 1 or more years in the upper right corner. 

VT Border Crossing Traffic During C19 Response - Ended Collection on June 12th, 2020

The map in the report below depicts traffic volume at all locations surveyed on the date selected.  Hovering over a single point on the map with your cursor will provide more detail about the traffic at the given location. The bar chart to the right side of the report depicts the ratio of passenger vehicles compared to out of state vehicles at one or more selected locations. Page 2 of the report below provides a comparison on inbound and outbound traffic at 6 priority locations over time. (All staffed data collection efforts ended on June 12th, 2020.  The data will no longer be updated after that date.)