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Reducing Repeat Damage to Vermont’s Roads and Structures (MAP-21 Part 667 2022 Report)

VTrans is working to reduce repeat storm damage to transportation assets to improve service, minimize costs, respect the environment, and provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. Staff have taken the MAP-21 Part 667 requirement as an opportunity to advance existing risk and resilience efforts.

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This report builds on the 2019 initial Part 667 report. That initial report only had to cover the National Highway System (NHS). As required, this report expands to cover the full Vermont Federal Aid System (FAS). 217 locations seem to each have been damaged in multiple governor- or president-declared events between 2007 and 2021. 21 of these locations seem to have been damaged in three different declared events.

The main data source is Detailed Damage Inspection Reports (DDIRs) for governor- or president-declared events in Vermont from 2007 through 2021. DDIR data is useful but requires damage is widespread and unusually expensive as described in the FHWA Emergency Relief Program. This report incorporates additional data sources, including the VTrans Transportation Resilience Planning Tool (TRPT). Part 667 work will stay coordinated with the Vermont Asset Management Information System (VAMIS) for future efficiencies.

VTrans staff have been gathering and refining DDIR data for several years into a single, accessible master damage database (GDB_Damage). Part 667 requires analysis of this data and exploring “if there are reasonable alternatives to roads, highways, and bridges that have required repair and reconstruction activities on two or more occasions due to emergency events.” (Federal Register, Volume 81 No. 95 October 24, 2018).

A tool for exploring and discussing the analysis is the Reducing Repeat Damage Webtool ( It also provides context from related efforts, supports two-way communication with people familiar with locations, and captures knowledge before people change jobs or retire.