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VTrans Pilots Electronic Ticketing Technology on Paving Projects

Brief Project Description: In 2020 VTrans Construction and Materials Bureau created the COVID-19 Pandemic Temporary Guidelines for the Quality Assurance Program, which included the additional QC duty of electronically transmitting truck tickets for HMA material delivery in real-time. This guideline suspended the use of hard copy truck tickets for quantity acceptance of HMA materials and initiated electronically transmitted truck tickets "Simple Tickets" and Electronic Ticketing (e-Ticketing) technology for quantity acceptance in 2020 and 2021 construction paving projects. e-Ticketing is a FHWA EDC-6 initiative that VTrans and industry are pursuing with the goal to provide all stakeholders with an electronic means of producing, transmitting, and sharing material data and verify material delivery to enhance safety, streamline inspection, and improve contract administration.


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Presenter: Ryan Darling, VTrans