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Evaluation of Processed Glass Aggregate for Utilization in Transportation Projects as a Sand Borrow

As featured in the August 23, 2021 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Can processed glass aggregate (PGA) replace sand borrow in Vermont, New England, and beyond?

Brief Project Description: The overarching goal of this project is to catalyze widespread use of processed glass aggregate (PGA) as a substitute for increasingly scarce and expensive sand borrow in Vermont, New England, and beyond. Primary objectives include developing a quick, inexpensive and reliable method to determine deleterious content in PGA; assessing the engineering properties of regionally-available PGA and sand borrow materials; revising or developing new specifications to facilitate the use of PGA; and performing economic analysis to determine the economic feasibility and value of environmental benefits of replacing sand borrow with PGA and to inform incentives for production and use of PGA. At the symposium, preliminary results on the PGA and sand borrow characterization and deleterious materials testing will be presented.


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Presenter: Fiona Nutbeam, UVM