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Performance Structural Concrete Optimized for Cost, Durability and Manufacturability

As featured in the February 22, 2022 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Research explores the possibility of a high-performance concrete mix using materials sourced in Vermont and New England.

Brief Project Description: This research is to develop prescriptive concrete mix designs that meet modern high- performance durability requirements while being practical to manufacture in New England. These innovative Performance Concrete or High Performance Concrete (HPC) mix designs use graded aggregates, silica fumes, slags, fly ash, fibers, and other admixtures. The overall deliverable is a prescriptive concrete mix that suppliers can use with New England sourced materials for performance concrete. This project is using machine learning to predict the performance of new mix compositions, test the performance in benchtop scale mixes, and then in a pilot batch run at a concrete producer’s facilities.


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Presenter: Dryver Huston, UVM

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