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Flood Analysis of Bridge-Stream Interactions using Two-Dimensional modeling of Vermont River Reaches

As featured in the February 22, 2022 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Can 2D hydraulic modeling help address stakeholder concerns about the potential impacts of bridge projects?

Brief Project Description: Hydraulic models using 2D HEC-RAS were developed for three Vermont river reaches with a range of gradients. A screening framework, that uses the 2D hydraulic modeling results, was developed to identify bridges and sites best suited for hydraulic intervention such as floodplain lowering and reconnection and addition of culverts for mitigating the impacts of extreme flood events. These interventions were then simulated in the developed 2D HEC-RAS models of the three study reaches. The results of the baseline and intervention models were examined to quantify bridge-river interactions on a reach scale, evaluate the overall effectiveness of the screening framework, and identify reach-level impacts of flood mitigation interventions.


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Presenter: Rachel Seigel and Mandar Dewoolkar, UVM

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Rachel Seigel - 2020 TIDC Outstanding Student of the Year