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22-2 BMD Round Robin

Brief Project Description: Asphalt pavement rutting is a serious issue for safety and longevity of pavements. However, SUPERPAVE testing implemented by a majority of states has permitted cracking and raveling to become primary distresses effecting the longevity of pavements. Recently, several different tests have become preferred options due to their correlation to field performance, ease of specimen fabrication, repeatability, and cost to implement. This project will work with other DOTs and producer labs in an inter-Laboratory study to perform characterization testing and provide recommendations for the Bituminous Concrete Mix Design Submittal Policy.


Fact Sheet:

BMD Round Robin Fact Sheet



Additional Materials

Connecticut Advanced Pavement (CAP) Laboratory homepage 


Lead Researcher (Similar to Presenter in past Symposiums): James Mahoney,

Additional Researchers: Alex Bernier


VTrans Champions: Aaron Schwartz, Ian Anderson, Brandon Kipp


VTrans Project Page