Example Professional Development/Training Resources

Helpful Organizations and Webinar Series

New England Transportation Consortium - webinars

Transportation Research Board - webinars and archived webinars

Eno Center for Transportation - webinars

UMass Transportation Center BayState Roads - webinars

Vermont Local Roads - website    webinars   

FIU's Accelerated Bridge Construction UTC - webinars

Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance - Road Resources website     webinar series

USDOT University Transportation Center - webinars

Past Conferences/Meetings

NJDOT Research Showcase 2021, Oct 27 - website

Smart Salting for Parking Lots and Sidewalks 2021, Oct 25 presented by Fortin Consulting- resources

NCDOT Research and Innovation Summit 2021, Oct 5-6 - website

FHWA Conference on Virtual Public Engagement for Transportation Planning 2021, Sep 28 - website

National Balanced Mix Design Conference featuring VTrans' Aaron Schwartz 2021, Sep 2-3 - recording (Aaron's presentation starts at minute 11)

CalTrans Innovation Expo 2020, Nov 16-20 - website

MassDOT Moving Together Conference 2020, Nov 17-19 - website

VTrans and MnDOT Reducing Plastics Peer Exchange 2020, Nov 17-19 - website

Northeast Recycling Council, Increasing the Use of Recycled Content in Road & Infrastructure Projects 2020, Nov 16-17 - Presentations    Day 1    Day 2

NJDOT Research Showcase 2020, Oct 27-29 - website

Further Training Resources for Agency of Transportation Staff

VTTC - website 

KnowledgeWave (account required)

Selected University Links

UVM Transportation Research Center - website

Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center - website