Estimate Supplemental Description

Some pay items require the use of supplemental descriptions. The link below is a table of these items with the acceptable supplemental description to use. Following the link are additional instructions for the use of supplemental descriptions for the proper development of estimates.

Guidance for Items Requiring a Supplemental Description


  1. A Supplemental Description must be chosen for all items that require a supplemental description.

  2. Supplemental Descriptions must be included in the Estimator file as they are shown on the "Guidance for Items Requiring a Supplemental Description".

  3. Supplemental Descriptions in the Estimator file must match those on the Plans and Quantity Sheet(s).

  4. Supplemental Descriptions must be entered in upper case letters.

  5. Supplemental Descriptions must be entered within ( ) parentheses.

  6. Series 900 Special Provision items shall be used where an existing pay item is not adequate for the proposed work to be performed. These items require Supplemental Descriptions. Contract Administration maintains a list of previously used specifications and supplemental descriptions for these items that can be used. If none of these apply Contract Administration will determine the final Supplemental Descriptions.

  7. There is a 40 characters limit for the supplemental description.

Last Updated: November 04, 2015