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Quantity Rounding

Item No.Pay ItemUnitRounding*Structures Manual
201.10Clearing and GrubbingLump sumNone
201.11Clearing and GrubbingHectareNext hectare
201.15Removing Medium TreesEachNone
201.16Removing Large TreesEachNone
201.20Removing Medium StumpsEachNone
201.21Removing Large StumpsEachNone
201.30Thinning and TrimmingHectareNext hectare
202.10Demolition and Disposal of BuildingEachNone
203.15Common ExcavationCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.16Solid Rock ExcavationCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.17Unclassified ExcavationCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.20Muck ExcavationCubic meterNext 100 m3Next 10 m3
203.25Channel Excavation of EarthCubic meterNext 50 m3Next 10 m3
203.26Channel Excavation of RockCubic meterNext 25 m3Next 10 m3
203.27Unclassified Channel ExcavationCubic meterNext 50 m3Next 10 m3
203.28Excavation of Surfaces and PavementsCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.30Earth BorrowCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.31Sand BorrowCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.32Granular BorrowCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.33Rock BorrowCubic meterNext 500 m3Next 10 m3
203.35Gravel Backfill for Slope StabilizationCubic meterNext 50 m3Next 10 m3
203.40Fine Grading-SubgradeSquare meterNext 100 m2
204.20Trench Excavation of EarthCubic meterNext 50 m3Next 10 m3
204.21Trench Excavation of RockCubic meterNext 50 m3Next 10 m3
204.25Structure ExcavationCubic meterNext 25 m3Next 10 m3
204.30Granular Backfill for StructuresCubic meter50 m3 All projects
205.10Drilling and Blasting of Solid RockMeterNext 100 m
205.20Drilling and Blasting of Solid Rock-SubgradeSquare meterNext 100 m2
208.30Cofferdam Excavation, EarthCubic meterNext 25 m3Next 10 m3
208.35Cofferdam Excavation, RockCubic meterNext 25 m3Next 10 m3
208.40CofferdamLump sumNone
210.10Cold Planing-Bituminous PavementSquare meterNext 100 m2
212.20Scarifying PavementSquare meterNext 100 m2
301.15Subbase of GravelCubic meterNext 100 m3Next 10 m3
301.25Subbase of Crushed Gravel (Coarse Graded)Cubic meterNext 100 m3Next 10 m3
301.26Subbase of Crushed Gravel (Fine Graded)Cubic meterNext 100 m3Next 10 m3
301.27Subbase of Crushed Gravel (Fine Graded) Truck MeasurementCubic meterNext 100 m3Next 10 m3
301.28Subbase of Crushed Gravel (Fine Graded)TonNext 100 ton
301.35Subbase of Dense Graded Crushed StoneCubic meterNext 100 m3
303.25Plant Mixed Base CourseTonNext 50 ton
401.10Aggregate Surface CourseCubic meterNext 50 m3
402.10Aggregate Shoulders, In PlaceCubic meterNext 50 m3
402.11Aggregate Shoulders, TruckCubic meterNext 50 m3
402.12Aggregate ShouldersTonNext 50 ton
404.16Bituminous Surface Treatment, Type I (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.21Bituminous Surface Treatment, Type II (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.31Bituminous Surface Treatment, Type III (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.40Bituminous Surface Treatment, Type IV (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.45Tar Emulsion (Use heaviest application)LiterNext 100 liters
404.46Tar Emulsion (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.55Cutback Asphalt (Use heaviest application)KilogramNext 100 kg
404.60Asphalt CementKilogramNext 100 kg
404.65Emulsified AsphaltKilogramNext 100 kg
406.25Bituminous Concrete PavementTonNext 10 tonNext ton
406.27Medium Duty Bituminous Concrete PavementTonNext 10 ton
406.50Price Adjustment Asphalt CementLump unitNone
409.25Open Graded Friction CourseTonNext 10 ton
417.10Bituminous Crack FillingKilogramNext 100 kg
ToVarious Classes of Concrete Cubic meter Next m3
ToVarious Sizes of Steel Piling Meter Next 1.5 m
505.35Permanent Steel Sheet PilingSquare meter Next 10 m2
505.36Temporary Steel Sheet PilingSquare meter Next 10 m2
506.50Structural Steel (Rolled Beam)Kilogram Next 5 kg
506.55Structural Steel (Plate Girder)Kilogram Next 5 kg
507.15Reinforcing SteelKilogram Next 5 kg
507.17Epoxy Coated Reinforcing SteelKilogram Next 5 kg
507.18Galvanized Reinforcing SteelKilogram Next 5 kg
509.20Steel Grid FlooringSquare meter Next 10 m2
514.10Water RepellentLiter Next 5 liter
ToVarious Types of Bridge RailingMeterNone
ToVarious types and sizes of PipesMeterNone
ToVarious types and sizes of Pipe ArchesMeterNone
ToVarious types and sizes of Pipe ElbowsEachNone
ToVarious types and sizes of Pipe End SectionsEachNone
601.98Concentric Reducer SectionEachNone
601.99Re-laying Pipe CulvertsMeterNext 10 m
601.995Cleaning Culvert Pipe, In-Place (0-600 mm, Incl.)MeterNext 10 m
601.996Cleaning Culvert Pipe, In-Place (Greater than 600 mm)MeterNext 10 m
602.15Cement Rubble MasonryCubic meterNext 5 m3
602.20Dry Rubble MasonryCubic meterNext 5 m3
602.25Stone Masonry FacingSquare meterNext 5 m2
602.30Repointing MasonrySquare meterNext 5 m2
ToVarious Grates, Covers, Manholes, Precast Drop Inlets, CatchEachNone
ToVarious UnderdrainsMeterNext 50 m plus
605.13 200 m/km
ToVarious Underdrain Carrier PipesMeterNext 50 m
605.90Underdrain RiserEachNone
605.95Underdrain Flushing BasinEachNone
607.10Roadway Patrol MaintenanceHourNext 10 hours
608.10Bulldozer Rental, Type IHourNABINext 1 hour
608.11Bulldozer Rental, Type IIHourNABINext 1 hour
608.15Power Grader RentalHourNABI
608.20Dragline Rental, Type IHourNABI
608.21Dragline Rental, Type IIHourNABI
608.25All Purpose Excavator Rental, Type IHourNABINext 1 hour
608.26All Purpose Excavator Rental, Type IIHourNABINext 1 hour
608.30Power Broom RentalHourNABI
608.37Truck RentalHourNABI
608.40Loader Rental, Type IHourNABI
608.41Loader Rental, Type IIHourNABI
609.10Dust Control with WaterCubic meterNext 2000 m3
609.15Dust and Ice Control with Calcium ChlorideTonNext 5 tons
ToStone Fill, Types I through IVCubic meterNext 10 m3
613.15Riprap, Heavy TypeCubic meterNext 10 m3
613.16Riprap, Light TypeCubic meterNext 10 m3
613.20Slope PavingSquare meterNext 10 m2
616.20Granite Slope EdgingMeterNext 10 m
616.21Vertical Granite CurbMeterNext 10 m
616.22Granite Bridge CurbMeterNone
616.23Granite Bridge Curb (Median Slope Edge)MeterNone
616.25Precast Reinforced Concrete Curb, Type AMeterNext 10 m
616.26Precast Reinforced Concrete Curb, Type BMeterNext 10 m
616.27Cast-in-Place Concrete Curb, Type AMeterNext 10 m
616.28Cast-in-Place Concrete Curb, Type BMeterNext 10 m
616.30Bituminous Concrete Curb, Type ATonNext ton
616.31Bituminous Concrete Curb, Type BTonNext ton
616.35Treated Timber CurbMeterNext 5 m
616.40Removing and Resetting CurbMeterNext 5 m
616.41Removal of Existing CurbMeterNext 5 m
616.45Portland Cement Concrete GutterCubic meterNext 1 m3
616.47Bituminous Concrete Gutters and Traffic IslandsTonNext ton
618.10Portland Cement Concrete Sidewalk, 125 mmSquare meterNext 10 m2
618.11Portland Cement Concrete Sidewalk, 200 mmSquare meterNext 10 m2
618.15Bituminous Concrete SidewalkTonNext ton
619.10Boundary MarkersEachNext 5
619.15Wood Marker PostsEachNext 5
619.16Steel Marker PostsEachNext 5
619.17Yielding Marker PostsEachNext 5
619.20Removing and Resetting Property MarkersEachNext 5
620.11Chain-Link Fence, 1.2 mMeterNext 10 m
620.12Chain-Link Fence, 1.8 mMeterNext 10 m
620.13Chain-Link Fence, 2.4 mMeterNext 1'0 m
620.15Gate for Chain-Link Fence, 1.2 mMeterNone
620.16Gate for Chain-Link Fence, 1 .8 mMeterNone
620.17Gate for Chain-Link Fence, 2.4 mMeterNone
620.20Bracing Assembly for Chain-Link Fence, 1 .2 mEachNone
620.21Bracing Assembly for Chain-Link Fence, 1 .8 mEachNone
620.22Bracing Assembly for Chain-Link Fence, 2.4 mEachNone
620.25Woven Wire Fence with Steel PostsMeterNext 30 m
620.26Woven Wire Fence with Wood PostsMeterNext 30 m
620.30Drive Gate for Woven Wire FenceEachNone
620.40Steel Brace for Woven Wire FenceEachNext 5
620.41Wood Brace for Woven Wire FenceEachNext 5
620.50Removing and Resetting FenceMeterNext 5 m
620.55Removal of Existing FenceMeterNext 5 m
620.70Snow FenceMeter Next 10 m
620.75Snow Barrier (Galvanized)MeterNext 5 m
621.15Plank RailMeterNone
621.16Cedar Log RailMeterNone
ToVarious Types of GuardrailMeterNone
621.35Steel Beam Median BarrierMeterNone
621.40Thrie Beam Median BarrierMeterNone
621.45Concrete Median BarrierMeterNone
621.50Breakaway Cable TerminalEachNone
621.51Twisted End TerminalEachNone
621.55Median Barrier TerminalEachNone
621.60Anchor for Steel 8eam RailEachNone
621.61Anchor for Steel to Box Beam TransitionEachNone
621.65Anchor for Cable RailEachNone
621.66Anchor for Cable Rail at OpeningsEachNone
621.70Guardrail Approach Section, Type IEachNone
621.71Guardrail Approach Section, Type IIEachNone
621.74Aluminum Approach RailingMeterNone
621.75Removing and Resetting GuardrailMeterNone
621.80Removal and Disposal of GuardrailMeterNone
621.81Removal and Disposal of Guide PostsEachNone
621.85Guide PostsEachNext 5
621.90Temporary Traffic BarrierMeterNext 5 m
622.10Insulation BoardCubic meterNone
625.10Sleeves for UtilitiesMeterNone
626.15Driven or Drilled WellMeterNone
626.20Well Casing PipeMeterNone
626.25Development of Well in Gravel formationHourNone
626.30Pump Test for YieldHourNone
627.20Double Pipe Jet Pump SystemLump sumNone
627.25Submersible Pump SystemLump sumNone
627.30Shallow Well Pump SystemLump sumNone
628.20ABS Sewer Pipe Solid WallMeterNone
628.21ABS Sewer Pipe CompositeMeterNone
628.22Reinforced Concrete Sewer PipeMeterNone
628.25Cast Iron Soil Pipe, Extra HeavyMeterNone
628.26Cast Iron Pipe, Cement-LinedMeterNone
628.27Vitrified Clay Pipe, Extra StrengthMeterNone
628.28Ductile Iron Pipe, Cement-LinedMeterNone
628.30Relaying Sewer PipeMeterNone
628.35PVC Sewer PipeMeterNone
628.42Transfer to New System-Sanitary SewerLump sumNone
629.20Adjust Elevation of Valve BoxEachNone
629.23Seamless Copper Water TubeMeterNext 5 m
629.24Ductile Iron Pipe, Cement-LinedMeterNone
629.25Extension 5ervice Box and Curb StopEachNone
629.26Gate ValveEachNone
629.27Gate Valve with Valve BoxEachNone
629.29Relocate HydrantEachNone
629.30Remove HydrantEachNone
629.31Meter PitEachNone
629.32Plastic Water Pipe, FlexibleMeterNext 5 m
629.33Plastic Water Pipe, RigidMeterNext 5 m
629.34Steel Water Pipe, GalvanizedMeterNext 5 m
629.35Tapping Sleeve & Valve with Valve BoxEachNone
629.36Valve PitEachNone
629.39Corporation StopEachNone
629.40Expansion AssemblyEachNone
629.42Transfer to New System-Water SystemLump sumNone
629.44Pipe InsulationMeterNext 5 m
629.54Crushed Stone BeddingTonNext 5 ton
630.10Uniformed Traffic OfficersHourNext 25 hours
630.15FlaggersHourNext 25 hours
631.10Field Office-EngineersLump sumNone
631.11Field Office-Soils and MaterialsLump sumNone
631.12Combined Engineers and Soils OfficeLump sumNone
631.16Testing Equipment-ConcreteLump sumNone
631.17Testing Equipment-BituminousLump sumNone
631.25Field Office TelephoneLump unitNone
634.10Employee TraineeshipHourNone
635.11Mobilization / DemobilizationLump sumNearest $1,000
641.10Traffic ControlLump sumNone
ToVarious Paint Pavement LinesMeterNext 10 m
646.26600 mm Stop BarsMeterNext 5 m
646.30Letter or SymbolEachNone
646.31Crosswalk Marking with Diagonal LineMeterNext 5 m
646.32Railroad Crossing SymbolEachNone
ToVarious Durable Pavement LinesMeterNext 10 m
646.46Durable 600 mm Stop BarMeterNext 5 m
646.50Durable Letter or SymbolEachNone
646.51Durable Crosswalk with Diagonal LinesMeterNext 5 m
646.52Durable Railroad Crossing SymbolEachNone
ToVarious Temporary Pavement LinesMeterNext 10 m
646.66Temporary 600 mm Stop BarMeterNext 5 m
646.70Temporary Letter or SymbolEachNone
646.71Temporary Crosswalk with Diagonal LinesMeterNext 5 m
646.72Temporary Railroad Crossing SymbolEachNone
646.75Raised Pavement Markers, Type IIEachNext 5
646.76Line Striping TargetsEachNone
646.80Raised Pavement Markers, Type IEachNext 5
646.81Painted CurbMeterNext 10 m
646.82Painted IslandSquare meterNext 5 m2
646.85Removal of Existing Pavement MarkingsSquare meterNext 5 m2
ToVarious GeotextilesSquare meterNext 5 m2Next 10 m2
651.15SeedKilogramNext 50 kgNext 5 kg
651.16Wildflower SeedKilogramNext 50 kgNext 5 kg
651.17Seed-Winter RyeKilogramNext 50 kgNext 5 kg
651.18FertilizerKilogramNext 50 kg
651.20Agricultural LimestoneTonNext 5 tonNext 1 ton
651.25Hay MulchTonNext 5 tonNext 1 ton
651.26Hay Bales for Erosion ControlEachNext 10
651.30SoddingSquare meterNext 25 m2
651.35TopsoilCubic meterNext 25 m3Next 10 m3
651.40Grubbing MaterialSquare meterNext 100 m2Next 10 m2
652.10Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control PlanLump sum None
652.20Monitoring Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control PlanHour Next 10 hours
652.30Maintenance of Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control PlanLump sumNABI
654.10Erosions MattingSquare meterNext 100 m2Next 10 m2
ToVarious Planting ItemsEachNone
675.20Traffic Signs (Type A)Square meterNone
675.21Traffic Signs (Type B)Square meterNone
675.25Sheet Aluminum for OverlaySquare meterNone
675.30Flanged Channel Sign PostsKilogramNone
675.31W-Shape Steel Sign PostsKilogramNone
675.32Tubular Aluminum Sign PostsKilogramNone
675.33Tubular Steel Sign PostsKilogramNone
675.40Foundation for W-Shape Steel Posts, 450 mm DiameterEachNone
675.41Foundation for W-Shape Steel Posts, 600 mm DiameterEachNone
675.42Foundation for W-Shape Steel Posts, 750 mm DiameterEachNone
675.43Foundation for Tubular Steel PostsEachNone
675.50Removing SignsEachNone
675.60Erecting Salvaged PostsEachNone
675.61Setting Salvaged PostsEachNone
675.70Modifying Sign PostsEachNone
676.10Delineators with Steel PostsEachNone
676.11Delineators with Salvaged PostsEachNone
676.12Removal of Existing DelineatorsEachNone
676.15Remove and Replace Reflector UnitsEachNone
676.20Delineators with Flexible PostsEachNone
ToVarious Overhead Traffic Sign SupportsEachNone
677.25Remove and Reset Overhead Traffic Sign SupportEachNone
678.15Traffic Control Signal System-IntersectionEachNone
678.16Flashing Beacon-Ground MountedEachNone
678.17Flashing Beacon-Aerial MountedEachNone
678.20Interconnecting CableMeterNone
678.21Electrical ConduitMeterNone
678.22Vehicle Loop DetectorMeterNone
678.23Wired ConduitMeterNone
678.24Electrical WiringMeterNone
678.25Pull Box-StandardEachNone
678.26Junction BoxEachNone
678.27Pull Box-DoubleEachNone
678.30Electrical Conduit SleeveMeterNone
678.40Temporary Traffic Signal SystemEachNone
678.41Temporary Flashing BeaconEachNone
678.42Temporary DetectorEachNone
679.16Direct Burial Cable for Street LightingMeterNone
679.21Light Pole BaseEachNone
679.22Extend Light Pole BaseEachNone
679.23Breakaway Feature for Light PoleEachNone
679.25Removing and Resetting Light PoleEachNone
679.45Light PoleEachNone
679.47Bracket ArmEachNone
*Note: Rounding not to exceed 1 percent.