Publications and Maps

Name   Section Type
Vermont State Design Standards   Highway Standard
Bridge Inspection Reports   Highway Report
CADD Standards and Procedure Manual   CADD Standard
CADD Drafting Standards Manual   CADD Manual
Aeronautics Environmental Program   Aviation Manual
Unmanned Aeronautical System/Vehicle Airspace Use Form   Aviation Form
The Economic Impact of Vermont's Public Use Airports   Aviation Report
Aviation Program-Wide Business Plan 2011 Executive Summary   Aviation Report
Aviation 5-Year Capital Improvement Program 2012-2017   Aviation Report
Airport System and Policy Plan   Aviation Report
Aeromap   Aviation Map
Title VI Nondiscrimination Statement   Civil Rights Publication
Equal Employment Opportunity Contractor Compliance Manual   Civil Rights Manual
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Publications   Civil Rights Manual
Affirmative Action Plan 2013-2016   Civil Rights Manual
Contractor's Center Forms and Instructions   Civil Rights Manual
Contractor Compliance Documents   Civil Rights Manual
Online Crash Manual   Highway Safety Manual
Environmental Procedures Manual   Environmental Manual
Regional Engineer Map   Construction Map
Rural Route Function   Planning Map
Access Management Program Guidelines   Planning Standard
Complete Streets Guidance Document   Highway Manual
Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines   Municipal Assistance Standard
Engineering Instructions - Structures (SEI), Highway(HEI), Traffic (TEI)    Highway Manual
Highway Safety Engineering Guidance   Highway Safety Manual
Integral Abutment Bridge Design Guidelines   Structures Standard
Landscape Guide   Environmental Publication
Materials VT Standardized Tests 1-38   Materials Manual
Materials VT Standardized Tests 39-58   Materials Manual
Radar Speed Feedback Sign Use Guidelines   Operations Standard
Work Zone Safety and Mobility Guidance Document   Asset Management Standard
Work Zone Safety and Mobility Guidance Document - Appendix A - Temporary Traffic Control Devices    Asset Management Standard
Bridge Rail Policy   Rail Standard
Level of Service Policy   Highway Standard
Street Lighting Design Guide   Project Delivery Manual
Pavement Design Guide   Highway Safety Manual
Structures QC/QA Program   Structures Manual
Tri-State Performance Measures 2015 Annual Report   Operations Report
Tri-State Performance Measures 2016 Annual Report   Operations Report
Utility Relocation and Reimbursement   Right of Way Manual
Quality Assurance (QA) Program   Materials Manual
Research Reports   Materials Report
Roadway Design Manual   Highway Design Manual
Construction Manual   Construction Manual
Design Manual   Structures Manual
Field Welding Manual   Structures Manual
Hydraulics Manual   Structures Manual
Operations Safety Manual   Operations Manual
Pavement Management Manual   Highway Design Manual
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Planning and Design Manual   Municipal Assistance Manual
Project Development Process Manual   Highway Manual
Complete Streets Summary 2016   Highway Report
Project Development Process Flow Chart   Highway Publication
Project Scoping Manual   Planning Manual
Right of Way Manual   Right of Way Manual
Route Survey Manual   Right of Way Manual
Structures Plan Generation Manual   Structures Manual
Technical Landscape Manual   Environmental Manual
Geodetic Survey Manual   Right of Way Manual
Materials Sampling Manual   Materials Manual
Bridges Closed for Construction   Structures Map
General Regional Engineers   Construction Map
Environmental Specialist Regions   Environmental Map
Environmental Specialists by Town   Environmental Publication
Environmental Biologist Regions   Environmental Map
Environmental Archaeological Resources Regions   Environmental Map
Access Management Map   Planning Map
Engineering Project Information   Highway Map
CADD Support   CADD Manual
Cost Estimating   Estimating Manual
Illegal Sign Flowchart   Operations Publication
Orange Book Local Officials Handbook   Operations Manual
Roadside Memorials   Operations Publication
Safe Winter Driving Brochure   Operations Publication
Snow and Ice Control Plan   Operations Publication
Winter Service Guide   Operations Report
Winter Service Levels Highway Corridor Priority   Operations Map
Maintenance Districts   Operations Map
Rail Reports and Plans   Rail Report
Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan   Planning Plan
Park-and-Ride Facilities Plan Appendix   Planning Study
On-Road Bicycle Plan Phase 1 Report   Planning Report
Comprehensive Energy Plan   Planning Plan
Strategic Plan (Agency)   Planning Plan
Rail Plan   Planning Plan
Freight Plan   Planning Plan
NY-VT Bi-State Intercity Passenger Rail Study   Planning Study
Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan   Public Transit Plan
Electric Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Plan   Planning Plan
Statewide Intercity Bus Study   Public Transit Study
Long-Range Transportation Business Plan 2009   Planning Plan
Pedestrian and Bicycle Policy Plan   Planning Plan
Highway System Plan   Planning Plan
Long-Range Transportation Plan Survey Report 2016   Planning Report
Fact Book and Annual Report 2016   Planning Report
Fact Book and Annual Report 2017   Planning Report
Class 1 Town Highway Reclassification Guidelines   Planning Standard
Evaluation of Adopt a Park-and-Ride Program and Adopt a Highway Program - Section 34a and 34b Act 40   Planning Report
Transportation Funding Options - Section 10 a Act 40   Planning Report
Elders and Persons with Disability Transportation Program Review - Section 12 Act 40   Public Transit Report
Public Transit Local Funding - Section 10 b Act 40   Public Transit Report
Albany-Bennington-Manchester Bus Options - Section 11b Act 40   Public Transit Report
Transportation Energy Profile 2015   Planning Report
Climate Change Adaptation White Paper   Planning Report
Strengthening Vermont's Economy by Integrating Transportation and Smart Growth Policy   Planning Report
Transportation Funding Options - Section 40 Act 153   Planning Report
Project Prioritization Legislative Report   Planning Report
Corridor Management Handbook   Planning Manual
Public Transit Policy Plan   Public Transit Plan
Granting Plan (Agency)   Contracts & Grants Plan
State Highway Classification Regional Maps   Planning Map
Stormwater Compliance Technical Manuals   Operations Manual
Regional Stormwater Technician Coverage Map and Contact Information   Operations Map
Approved Products List(APL) 2016   Planning Publication
Qualified Products List(QPL) 2016   Planning Publication
New Product Submittal Form   Planning Form
Highway Research Data   Highway Publication
Research - Current   VTrans Report
Research - Completed   VTrans Report
Historic Bridge Program Plans and Agreements   VTrans Plan
Municipality Managed Projects Guidebook   Highway Manual
Right of Way Spatial Data Hub | mobile version   Right of Way Map
Claims Process   Construction Publication
Pre-Qualified Welders   Structures Publication
Off-Site Activity Submittal Form   Environmental Form
Off-Site Activity Exemption Record   Environmental Publication
Off-Site Activity FAQ   Environmental Publication
Historic Preservation Regions Map   Environmental Map
Planting Public Street Trees in State Highway Rights of Way   Environmental Policy
Setting Speed Limits – A Guide for Vermont Towns   Vermont Local Roads Guide
VTrans Bat Guidance   Environmental Guide
Doc Express Overview for Contractors   Construction Guide
Chittenden County Circumferential Highway (CCCH) Right of Way & Mitigation Site Management   Planning Plan
Transportation Planning Initiative (TPI) Manual (2007)   Planning Manual
Traffic Data   Operations Report
Transit Route Performance Review 2011   Public Transit Report
Transit Route Performance Review 2012   Public Transit Report
Transit Route Performance Review 2013   Public Transit Report
Transit Route Performance Review 2014   Public Transit Report
Transit Route Performance Review 2015   Public Transit Report
VTrans Solar Plan 2016   Planning Plan
Missisquoi Bay Causeway Scoping Report 2016   Planning Report
State Management Plan for Vermont Public Transit Programs   Public Transit Plan
Transit Route Performance Review 2016   Public Transit Report
Railroad Map   Rail Map
Montpelier - St. Albans Commuter Rail Service Feasibility Study   Rail Study
Project Definition Process Guidebook 2017   Highway Guide
Public Involvement Guide 2017 (Outreach)   Highway/Planning Guide
Utility Accommodation Plan   Right of Way Plan
Project Factsheets   Highway/Planning Report
Transportation Energy Profile 2017   Planning Report