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2022 Hybrid Research and Innovation Symposium


The VTrans Research and Innovation Symposium was hosted on September 14 both online and in person at the Dill Building located at 2178 Airport Road in Barre. Most activities occurred between 8:30am and  1:30pm. Please reach out to Emily Parkany with any questions. 


2022 Projects Included:

In 2022 we featured 27 projects in four technical sessions (Materials; Structures, Construction, and Concrete; Asset Management and Condition; and Planning and Safety). Please learn about the specific projects with the links below. The web pages include Project Name, Description, a Fact Sheet, and Poster.

Session A: Materials

  1. Evaluating the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer for Reclaimed Stabilized Base Characterization, Jacob Wimett, GEODesign
  2. Determining Deleterious Content in Crushed Recycled Glass, Mandar DeWoolkar, UVM
  3. Properties of Asphalt Binder after Extended Aging in a Pressure Aging Vessel, Laura Behymer, VTrans
  4. Evaluation of Stripping Potential Tests for Bituminous Concrete, Bijay K-C, UVM
  5. Balanced Mix Design (BMD) Benchmarking of Asphalt Mixtures, Aaron Schwartz, VTrans
  6. Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), Ian Anderson, VTrans


Session B: Structures, Construction and Concrete 

  1. Parametric Study of the Impact of the Variation of Stiffness at the Abutments and the Span Length on the Displacement and Moment Profiles of Steel Piles in Non-Skew Integral Abutment Bridges under Thermal Expansion, Susan Faraji, UMass Lowell
  2. Field Metalizing A Steel Beam Bridge, J.B. McCarthy, VTrans
  3. Achieving a Smooth Ride by Automated Machine Guidance, Ryan Darling, VTrans
  4. Stainless Steel Coated Rebar for Chloride Resistant Concrete Highway and Bridges, Sam McAlpine, Allium Engineering Inc.
  5. Laboratory Evaluation of VTrans Rapid Setting Concretes (RSC) used in Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects, Spencer McKinnon, UNH
  6. Performance Testing of Low Carbon Footprint Concrete Mixes, Anna Casavant, UVM


Session C: Asset Management and Condition 

  1. Advanced NDE Inspection of Bridge Decks Using Infratek "Insight" Solution, Amir Rezvani, Infratek
  2. Civil Integrated Management (CIM) - A New Approach to Managing Transportation Infrastructure Information, Rick Scott, VTrans
  3. UAS for Public Outreach and Education, Evan Robinson, VTrans
  4. RFID and Wireless IoT Technologies for Transportation Maintenance Operations and Asset Management, Tian Xia, UVM
  5. Object Tracking and Geo-localization from Street Images, Daniel Wilson, UVM
  6. Relationships Between Winter Severity, Pavement Condition, and VTrans' Cost of Snow and Ice Control (SIC), James Sullivan, UVM
  7. Mobile Wireless Drive Test, Corey Chase, VT Department of Public Service


Session D: Planning and Safety 

  1. Coordinating State Policies, Laws and Regulations for Automated Driving Systems Across New England, Greg Rodriguez, Stantec
  2. Traffic Safety Toolbox - Addressing Speeds, James Sullivan, UVM
  3. Vermont Smart Growth, VMT and GHG Research, Ted Mansfield, RSG
  4. Safer and Healthier Public Transit Rides, Daniel Currier, VTrans
  5. Effectiveness of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at Mid-Block Crosswalks, Dana Rowangould and Parsa Pezeshknejad, UVM
  6. Value of VTrans Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Greg Rowangould, UVM
  7. AOT Innovates! Ensuring Employees at All Levels of the Organization Can Identify a Problem or Opportunity, Develop and Implement an Innovative Solution, and Share Their Improvements with Others, Katie Bockwoldt, AOA Performance
  8. Strategic Highway Safety Plan Website, Benjamin Howe and Scott Reigel, VTrans

September 14, 2022 Agenda:

7:45-1:30 Onsite registration in Dill A Lobby, light refreshments available 
8:00 Materials Lab and Transportation Management Center Tours start (sign up in advance)
8:30-9:30 Technical Sessions A- Materials and B- Structures, Construction, and Concrete
9:30-10:00 Poster Viewing and Networking

10:00-11:30 Plenary Session: Welcome, Keynote Speaker, AOT Innovations and Research, etc. (Details and Presentations below).

11:30-12:00 Poster Viewing and Networking
12:00-1:00 Technical Sessions C- Asset Management and Condition and D- Planning and Safety
1:00-1:30 Poster Viewing and Networking
1:30 Materials Lab and Transportation Management Center Tours start (sign up in advance)

September 14 Plenary Session 

AOT/FHWA Welcome - Secretary Joe Flynn and Deputy Division Administrator Lawrence Dwyer
Keynote Speaker - James Bradbury, Georgetown Climate Center
AOT Innovates! presentation
AOT Research presentation
Symposium Teaser Videos and Logistics