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Traffic Safety Toolbox

2022 Symposium People's Choice Award Winner - Most Related to Work or Interests

Brief Project Description: Speeding on lower speed and local roadways is a major contributor to speeding-related fatalities. In Vermont in 2018, over half of all fatal crashes occurring on local and collector roadways were classified as speeding related. The state does not currently have a "toolbox" available for engineers and local officials to pull from to help determine the most effective way to improve safety on roads. While our engineers have experience using various tactics to improve road safety and reduce speeds, compiling all our resources into a single location will help identify the correct measures to take and how to implement them.

This project will help the Districts and Towns where the responsibility of addressing speeds and improving safety often falls to local engineers or DPW superintendents, many of whom have limited experience in transportation safety. By creating this resource, we will be improving VTrans' workflow as well as providing access to a much-needed resource for our Districts and Towns to the most effective ways to reduce speeding and prevent future speeding-related fatalities on our roadways.



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Presenter: Dana Rowangould and James Sullivan, UVM

Contact: James Sullivan,

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