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21-1 Traffic Safety Toolbox - Addressing Speeds

Project Dates: April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023
Project Description: 

There is a need for clear and concise traffic speed management guidance that can be readily used by decision-makers in small and rural communitities across Vermont. Reducing speeding and aggressive driving is one of seven critical emphasis areas identified in the Vermont Highway Safety Plan, which targets reductions in major crashes on Vermont highways. Many small and rural communities in Vermont seek to reduce vehicle speed limits in their communities in order to reduce the risk of traffic crashes, particularly on local roads and collectors but also on state highways passing through village and town centers. However, reducing speed limits does not necessarily reduce travel speeds or mitigate the risk of traffic crashes. Therefore, this project will create a clear and concise web-based "Traffic Safety Toolbox" to distill key information about safety countermeasures that present promising avenues for reducing speeds. 




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Dana Rowangould and James Sullivan (UVM)

Champion(s)/TAC members:

Joshua Taylor



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