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17-2 Implementation of Intelligent Compaction for Pavement Construction in Vermont

Project Dates: Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019
Project Description:

Poor compaction of roadway base and subbase can cause various types of deterioration/failure, which can consequently increase the cost of maintenance and rehabilitation. Non-uniformity and inconsistency of compaction are the most prevalent problems associated with conventional compaction techniques. Intelligent compaction (IC) is an innovative technology that can optimize the construction time, improve uniformity and consistency of compaction, and provide a system-wide stiffness-based inspection practice. Additionally, IC implementation allows for real-time monitoring and making informed decisions on proper course of action during compaction. This study assessed the suitability of IC implementation in Vermont projects.


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Ehsan Ghazanfari and Maziar Foroutan (UVM)

Champion(s)/TAC members:

Mark Woolaver, Callie Ewald



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