Please report any suspicious behaviour OR concerns to your local airport manager, police department, or to our department as soon as possible.


Trini Brassard, Assistant Director VTrans Interim Aeronautics Administrator

Email: Trini,

Phone: 802-828-1735

The FAA strongly encourages pilots, airport operations, aircraft maintenance personnel, Air Traffic Control personnel, engine manufacturers, or anyone else who has knowledge of a strike to report it to the NWSD. The FAA makes available an online reporting system at the Airport Wildlife Hazard Mitigation web site

FAA Wildlife Strike Data Base

Wildlife Sighting/Strike Report for Northern VT State Airports

Wildlife Sighting/Strike Report for Southern VT State Airports

Frequent practice & review of Safety Procedures and continued Safety Education goes a long way in preventing aviation accidents and incidents. The following resources are offered to encourage continuing Safety Education.

Please look for our monthly Spotlight on Safety feature and also visit our Event Calendar to find FAASTeam meetings and other safety related meetings in your local area & around the state.


              FAA UAS Guide

              VTANG 158th FW Safety Briefing & Tour

FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam)

AOPA Air Safety Institute


NTSB Aircraft Accident Reports

Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)

VT Air National Guard Mid-AirCollision Avoidance

Accident & Incident Reporting

Hazardous Substance Spill