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Scott Rogers

Operations Division

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The Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has a significant public investment in its transportation infrastructure. And it’s the Operations Division (OPS) – with over 500 employees – that must maintain that infrastructure for the benefit of the traveling public. OPS includes three main sections: Maintenance, Technical Services, and Central Garage, with support from our own IT Section and Business Office. Our workforce is dedicated, hard working, and proud of what they do. And they should be.

Recently, our staff worked together to develop a vision, mission, and values statement for the OPS Division. These statements help tell the story of who we are and where we are going as an organization.


VTrans Operations Division will continue to build upon our foundation of a strong, committed, and diverse workforce through learning, leadership, and respect for all.


VTrans Operations Division will work together to get you there on a safe, reliable infrastructure through hard work and dedication.


Operations will accomplish the Agency’s mission by promoting a safe, respectful, and professional team.

Operations supports fairness, open communication, lifelong learning, and professional development.

Our team is incredibly diverse. We have skilled mechanics working tirelessly to maintain a safe and reliable fleet of vehicles and equipment so we can fulfill our mission. We have engineers and technicians who provide the design support required to help fix and maintain our infrastructure, and to provide technical support to municipalities. We have an environmental section to ensure regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship in all our activities. We have folks in the traffic shop working to maintain signs, signals and pavement markings. And, of course, we have a district workforce that is second to none, making sure the highways and bridges are open and safe.