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Transportation Development Review and Permitting Services

The Development Review Services unit reviews all submitted Act 250 applications relative to their impact on the transportation system. The Development Review unit is also responsible for assessing Transportation Impact Fees under Act 145 (10 VSA Sections 6101-6111). The Act 145 fee may be assessed for proposed developments that are seeking an Act 250 permit near a transportation project funded by either VTrans, a municipality, or other developers. For more details, please visit the Development Review link below.

The Permitting Services unit reviews and issues commercial and residential permits for all work performed within Agency-owned rights-of-way. This includes the installation and maintenance of utility facilities and the construction and maintenance of commercial accesses to property adjacent to the rights-of-way, including permits under Title 19 VSA Section 1111 Statute, commonly referred to as Section 1111 permits and corresponding Title 19 VSA Section 1112 Statue for fees. For more details, please visit the Permitting link below.