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Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer (HIVE 2.0) for Culvert Upgrades

Brief Project Description: This project researched the design, fabrication and testing of a lightweight and low-cost culvert inspection vehicle known as the Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer 2.0 (HIVE 2.0). It is a tracked vehicle with a conceptual design inspired by an earlier generation HIVE used by VTrans and based on a 4-wheel drive chassis. This vehicular form enables movement through small, flooded culverts. Improvements with the HIVE 2.0 include superior maneuverability across gaps in the culvert bed and increased video telemetry range through small culverts and drop inlets. Field tests confirm the capabilities of the HIVE 2.0.


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Presenter: Dryver Huston, UVM

AASHTO High Value Research Video featuring AOT Champion Michelle Redmond

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