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Monitoring of Landslides in Vermont Using Drone and Geologic Surveys

As featured in the August 23, 2021 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Geomorphically compatible structures, designed using regional hydraulic geometry curves that have been updated using high-resolution LiDAR and stream geomorphic assessment data, will have greater resilience to extreme flood events.

Brief Project Description: Since 2019, geologists from the Vermont Geological Survey, Norwich University, and University of Vermont have collaborated with the VTrans U.A.S. Team on the monitoring of active landslide sites in north-central Vermont. The monitoring first involves ground-based surveys to map the underlying geologic framework beneath each slide, which is followed by optical drone surveys and photogrammetric analysis to assess the detailed aerial extent of each. Individual annual monitoring surveys for each landslide can be quantitatively compared from year to year to assess changes. This approach is useful from both health and safety and climate change perspectives.


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Presenter: Jon Kim, VT DEC ANR