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21-3 Rapid Setting Concrete for Bridge Joints

Brief Project Description: While Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) projects enjoy high material quality due to a large fraction of precast and prefabricated elements, connections between these elements must be placed in-situ. These are often treated as a "weak-link" in the ABC approach due to potential risk for inferior performance. VTrans has adopted the use of rapid-setting concrete (RSC) for construction of connections between precast elements in ABC. Current VTrans practice dictates use of a membrane and overlay on ABC projects due to concerns of poor durability of RSC in ABC connections. There is an urgent need to assess RSC materials designed using the current VTrans special provisions with respect to their durability and structural capacity and propose non-proprietary mix designs or proportion limits that may be adopted by VTrans for RSC to be used in ABC connections.


Fact Sheet:

Rapid Setting Concrete 2023 Fact Sheet


Additional Materials


Lead Researcher (Similar to Presenter in past Symposiums): Eshan Dave,

Additional Researchers: Jo E. Sias, Saeed E. Azam, and Spencer McKinnon


VTrans Champion: James Lacroix


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