Highway Safety Design Details

Highway Safety Design Details are details that have been developed, reviewed and approved for use, by the Highway Safety & Design Section, on all VTrans projects.  These details are intended to provide consistent instructions for construction of the relative items.  These details should not be altered and any requests for revisions to these details should be sent to the Highway Safety & Design, Technical Development Engineer for revision.

The details shall be indexed in the plans with the Index of Sheets, indexing shall be separate from the index of sheets and standard drawing list but on the same plan sheet.  Indexing shall include the designation (ex. 621.01) and the current detail date.  Details shall not be numbered plan sheets, they shall be incorporated at the end of the plan set, only after the PDF has been created, by the designer.


HSD – 400.01 Safety Edge Details

HSD – 646.01 Bicycle Marking at Intersections  02/27/2017

HSD – 213.01 Milled Rumble Strip (Shoulder) Details   02/27/2017

HSD – 213.02 Milled Rumble Strip (Centerline) Details   09/28/2017

HSD – 621.01  Post and Blockout Details for Steel Beam Guardrail, Galvanized  06/09/2015

HSD – 621.02  Steel Beam Guardrail, Galvanized/8 Foot Radius  06/09/2015

HSD – 621.03  Steel Beam Guardrail, Galvanized/16 Foot Radius  06/09/2015

HSD – 621.04  Steel Beam Guardrail, Galvanized/25 Foot Radius  06/09/2015

HSD – 621.05  Steel Beam Guardrail, Galvanized/35 Foot Radius  06/09/2015

HSD – 621.06 Guardrail Terminal Label Detail   02/27/2017

HSD - 621.07A - MGS

HSD - 621.07B - MGS Components

HSD - 621.07C - MGS Anchor

HSD - 621.07D - MGS Anchor Components 1

HSD - 621.07E - MGS Anchor Components 2

HSD - 621.07F - MGS Transition