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2017 VTrans Research Symposium

2018 VTrans’ Research and Innovation Symposium will be September 12, 2018 at National Life in Montpelier

Presentations During the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Annual Meeting September 28, 2017

Find the presentations linked to the agenda items here: Agenda for STIC Annual Meeting

September 28, 2017 VTrans Research Symposium and STIC Annual Meeting Poster Presentations

Planning and Safety – (Fifth Floor Board Room—513)

Implementation of Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) along an Urban Traffic Signal Corridor: Real Time Traffic Information through DSRC Deployment (Pending Award)
Presenter:  Derek Lyman, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

SK1 Data Mapping Framework
Presenter:  Stephen Smith, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Presentation       Poster

Conduct of Road Safety Audit Reviews at High Crash Locations
Presenter:  Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans
Fact Sheet      Poster

Automated Speed Enforcement in Vermont
Presenter:  Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Examining the Potential Impacts of Maintenance Investment and Capital Reinvestment in Vermont’s Roadway Infrastructure Network
Presenter: Karen Sentoff, UVM
Fact Sheet       Final Report        Poster

VTrans Employee Retention Study and Knowledge Management Pilot
Researchers: Carol Vallet, Jennifer Jewiss, Glenn McRae, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

Case Studies of Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Improve Safety and Increase Efficiency
Researcher: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

All in One Survey-Vermont Travel
Researcher: Jon Dowds, Lisa Aultman-Hall, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster      Final Report

EDC 3:  Smarter Work Zones
Presenter:  Nancy Avery, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Structures - (Fourth Floor Board Room—413)

SHRP2 C19:  Expediting Project Delivery
Presenter:  Laura Stone, VTrans
Fact Sheet      Poster

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)
Presenter:  Stephen Coley, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

SHRP 2 R15B Identifying and Managing Utility Conflicts
Presenter:  Shaun Corbett, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

e-Construction at VTrans
Presenter:  Josh Hulett, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Prediction and Mitigation of Scour and Scour Damage to Vermont Bridges
Researcher: Mandar Dewoolkar, UVM
Fact Sheet       Final Report       Poster

Using Remote Data Collection to Identify Bridges and Culverts Susceptible to Blockage During Flooding Events
Researcher: Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet      Final Report       Poster

Quantifying the Vulnerability of Vermont Bridges to Seismic Loading
Researcher: Mandar Dewoolkar, Eric Hernandez, John Lens, UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

The changing risk of extreme event impacts on Vermont transportation infrastructure
Researcher: Arne Bomblies
Fact Sheet       Poster

Collaborative Hydraulics:  Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE)
Presenter:  Nick Wark, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Prefabricated and Prestressed Reinforced Bridge Elements and Structures
Presenter:  Dryver Huston et al., UVM
Fact Sheet       Poster

Materials/Pavements - (Third Floor Board Room—313)

VTrans Recycled Materials Activities
Presenter:  James “Buzz” Surwilo, ANR
Fact Sheet       Poster

Pavement Life
Presenter:  Emily Parkany, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Experimental Features
Presenter:  Emily Parkany, VTrans
Fact Sheet       Poster

Freeze-Thaw Durability Of Pervious Concrete With Salt Exposure
Presenter:  Adam Sevi, Norwich University; Edwin Smeckpeper, Norwich University; Mandar Dewoolkar, UVM 
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

SHRP 2 R07:  Full-Depth Reclamation Performance Related Specification
Presenter:  Mark Woolaver, VTrans
Fact Sheet        Poster

Suitability of Intelligent Compaction for Relatively Smaller-Scale Projects in Vermont
Researcher: Ehsan Ghazanfari, UVM
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

High Speed Ground Penetrating Radar for Road Pavement and Bridge Structural Inspection and Maintenance
Researcher: Tian Xia
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

Environmental/Snow and Ice - (Catamount—215)

Reducing Wildlife Mortality on Roads in Vermont: Determining Relationships between structures attributes and wildlife movement frequency through bridges and culverts to improve conservation investments
Presenter: Paul Marangelo
Fact Sheet        Poster

Investigation of Northern Long Eared Bat Roosting Sites on Bridges
Researcher: Scott Civjan, UMass Amherst
Fact Sheet        Poster

Effective Establishment of Native Grasses on Roadsides in New England
Researcher: Julia Kuzovkina, UConn
Fact Sheet        Final Report

Identifying Best Practices for Snowplow Route Optimization
Researcher: Jon Dowds, Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet        Final Report       Poster

Quantifying the Impact New Capital Projects will have on Roadway Snow and Ice Control Operations
Researcher: Jim Sullivan, UVM
Fact Sheet        Poster