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Middlebury Tunnel Construction

As featured in the November 29, 2021 Research and Innovation Newsletter: Leveraging accelerated construction techniques to deliver one of Vermont's largest infrastructure improvement projects in the heart of Downtown Middlebury. 

Brief Project Description: This project consisted of the replacement of 2, 100-year-old, bridges in downtown Middlebury, VT, with a 350-foot tunnel, able to run under both roads and expand the town’s Park between the roads. Along with the need for replacing the two deteriorating bridges, the project created a safer alignment for the rail, increased rail capacity, provided soil contamination clean up, mitigated storm water drainage issues, and increased the Park size downtown. In a dense downtown setting, many accelerated construction techniques we're utilized to minimize community disruption and enable a short 10-week road and rail closure.


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Presenter: Fianna Barrows, VTrans

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