Stormwater Compliance

The Stormwater Compliance Management Program includes regulatory oversight and technical assistance associated with stormwater permitting and management on VTrans facilities, striving to ensure proper design, construction, operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance with Federal and State Water Quality Standards and Stormwater Management Rules, Regulations, and Laws.

Program Objectives:

  1. Minimize the potentially adverse impacts of stormwater runoff from VTrans-owned and -operated state highways and facilities to receiving waters throughout Vermont by providing guidance and support in the development and implementation of policy, plans, programs, and research.
  2. Train and educate VTrans Operations Division staff to better equip personnel with the resources, tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to understand and comply with Federal and State Stormwater and Water Quality Rules and Regulations in a proactive, efficient, and streamlined manner. (Understanding Highway Stormwater Runoff)
  3. Provide ongoing regulatory compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program, Vermont Water Quality Standards, and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VANR) Stormwater Program Rules and Regulations. (Permit Programs and Regulatory Guidance)
  4. Provide for effective management of environmental regulatory responsibilities. (Managing Environmental Responsibilities)
  5. Provide for effective and informative Asset Management.
  6. Develop, implement, and integrate policy, protocol, guidelines, best management practices, and tracking systems for use as planning and data collection tools in managing and complying with Federal and State Stormwater and Water Quality Rules and Regulations or other regulatory agreements and to better inform the project design development, construction management and compliance processes with specific input on stormwater and water quality management.
  7. Reduce Operations Division and maintenance burdens and increase operational efficiencies.
  8. Initiate and participate in collaborative processes with Federal, State and Local Regulatory Agencies, and watershed and stormwater planning committees, building cooperative relationships between agencies and within VTrans and gaining insight on trends in water quality protection, and in national, regional, and local research projects focused on Transportation and Water Quality.
  9. Initiate and participate in Federal and State rule making and legislative processes to better inform appropriate legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, and policy decision makers on the issues VTrans faces in complying with Federal and State Stormwater and Water Quality Rules and Regulations.

For additional information regarding VTrans Stormwater considerations in project design and development see the Highway Division’s Stormwater Management page.

The Maintenance and Operations Water Quality Unit is managed by Jennifer Callahan, Maintenance and Operations Stormwater Technician, who oversees 4 regional stormwater technicians. For contact information and regional coverage see the “Regional Stormwater Technician Coverage Map"

Jennifer Callahan, Stormwater Technician
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Highway Division Support Services Bureau
Dill Bldg, 2178 Airport Road – Unit A, Barre, VT 05641

802-498-4947 cell  |

Stormwater Team: (left to right) Michael Johnson, Jennifer Callahan, Tyler Hanson, Dexter Puls, Alysha Kane
Stormwater Team