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DATE: Friday, September 30, 2022

Please note: Ledge Road will continue to be restricted to a right out onto Shelburne Street (U.S. 7) only. Motorists exiting from Ledge Road onto Shelburne Street (U.S. 7) will be required to travel northbound.

Portions of Shelburne Street (ALT. U.S. 7), South Willard Street (U.S. 2/7), and Locust Street will continue to be impacted as work on the center and splitter islands continues. Traffic along Shelburne Street (U.S. 7) between Marian Street and South Willard Street (U.S. 2/7) will be restricted to one-way southbound. Traffic along South Willard Street between Shelburne Street (U.S. 7) and Chittenden Drive will be reduced to one-way northbound. This traffic pattern will be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next several weeks.

Access to Locust Street from Shelburne Street will continue to be prohibited. Motorists accessing Locust Street must continue to do so from the west. Locust Street will remain two-way. Egress from Locust Street onto Shelburne Street is reopened but restricted to right out only. Motorists can exit from Locust Street onto Shelburne Street southbound.

Motorists are reminded to slow down, not only through the work zone, but also when traveling along side streets within the vicinity of the Shelburne Street Roundabout project. Reminder, the Burlington citywide speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. 

The existing U.S. 7/Shelburne Street detour route will remain in place directing motorists to Flynn Avenue, Pine Street, and Howard Street. This detour route is strongly encouraged to avoid delays as construction continues.

U.S. 7/Shelburne Street will remain open to local traffic to accommodate access to businesses and residences.

At all times, trucks are required to use the truck detour directing trucks to Flynn Avenue, Pine Street, and Main Street. Trucks seeking to make pick-ups or deliveries to businesses within the detour area will have access to locations within the work zone but may experience delays.


Monday, October 3, through Friday, October 7, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., crews will continue installing the remaining segments of curb throughout the project. Landscapers will be on site to plant the remaining street trees throughout the project.

Starting Wednesday, October 5, through Thursday, October 6, crews will be milling the approaches to the roundabout at night between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. There is the potential for lane reductions or a full closure to facilitate milling activities. Access to residents and businesses will be maintained. A supplemental traffic alert will be distributed in advance of the night work.

Crews will be offsite Friday, October 7, at noon in observance of Indigenous People’s Day.

Landscapers are on site planting trees throughout the project.

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LOCATION: The Shelburne Street Roundabout project is located at the intersection of U.S. 7 (Shelburne Street, South Willard Street), ALT U.S. 7 (Shelburne Street) Locust Street and Ledge Road in the City of Burlington, VT. The U.S. 7 project limits extend from Shelburne Street at Adams Court to South Willard Street at Chittenden Drive and on Shelburne Street along ALT U.S. 7 at Marian Street. Work will also be conducted on the following side streets: Gove Court, Locust Street and Ledge Road. 




View the recording from the Project Information Meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. CLICK HERE

View the slide deck from the Project Information Meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. CLICK HERE



The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) and the Burlington Department of Public Works (Burlington DPW) are improving roadway conditions for all users along US Route 7 (Shelburne Street) in Burlington. This joint initiative includes street reconstruction and the construction of a new single-lane roundabout at the intersection of US Route 7 (South Willard Street), US ALT Route 7 (Shelburne Street), Ledge Road and Locust Street. The project also includes the addition of a designated left turn lane onto Ledge Road and the installation of new pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Furthermore, the project is improving signage, street lighting, drainage, stormwater runoff treatment, and relocating and consolidating utility transmissions underground. The project was awarded to S.D. Ireland Brothers of Williston on May 1, 2021. Construction began in 2021 and will continue through July 2023.  

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