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DATE: Friday, October 25, 2021

TRAFFIC IMPACT AND DURATION: Monday, October 25, through Friday, October 29, between the hours of 6:30 AM – 5:30 PM, drivers should expect lane closures and one-way traffic (eastbound) on Locust Street.

Beginning on Monday, October 25, 2021 a detour route will be in place for motorists to avoid significant traffic delays along US 7/Shelburne Street between Flynn Avenue and Howard Street due to the Shelburne Street Roundabout Project construction.  The detour will divert traffic from northbound US 7/Shelburne Street to Flynn Avenue, Pine Street and Howard Street back to St. Paul Street and/or US 7/South Willard Street.  Southbound traffic on US 7/South Willard Street and St. Paul Street will be detoured to Howard Street to Pine Street to Flynn Avenue. US 7/Shelburne Street (northbound and southbound) will remain open to local traffic to accommodate access to businesses and residences, however, the detour route is strongly encouraged to avoid delays.

Northbound trucks will follow the same detour to Flynn Avenue to Pine Street to Main Street.  Southbound trucks will be detoured down Main Street, to Pine Street to Flynn Avenue to US-7/Shelburne Street. Trucks seeking to make pick-ups or deliveries to businesses within the detour area will have access to locations within the work zone, but may experience delays.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will be able to travel through designated routes in the work zone.  Holds will be implemented by flaggers or Uniformed Traffic Officers as necessary while blasting occurs.

Beginning Wednesday, October 27, motorists can expect significant delays along US 7/Shelburne Street due to ledge blasting between Adams Court and Marion Street. There will be periods when traffic is stopped along this route up to three times each weekday between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM.  Apart from these short duration stoppages, all residences and business along US 7/Shelburne Street will remain accessible.  Stoppages of traffic through the work zone may exceed ten minutes to safely secure the roadway for travel.  Alternate routes for thru traffic are strongly encouraged.

To assist motorists using the detour route, Uniformed Traffic Officers or flaggers will be present at the intersection of US 7/Shelburne Street and Flynn Avenue, and at the intersection of Howard Street, S. Union Street, and St Paul Street. For side roads intersecting with US 7/Shelburne Street within the detour limits, detour signage directing motorists away from the blasting zone and towards the designated detour route. Side roads and/or private roads adjacent to the detour route will be posted as “Local Traffic Only.”

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES: Monday, October 25 and Tuesday October 26, crews will be pre-drilling for blasting on the west side of US 7/Shelburne Street between Gove Court and Locust Street.  Blasting will begin on Wednesday, October 27 at the southern corner of US-7/Shelburne Street and Locust Street. Blasting will occur up to three times each weekday between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. Spotters will block off the blast area and keep all pedestrians and bicyclists safely away while blasting occurs. The blasting warning signal will include a whistle system.  Three whistles means five minutes until the blast, two whistles means one minute until blast, and one whistle means all clear.  Blasting for the Shelburne Street Roundabout Project will be completed over several weeks in 2021 and 2022.  

During blasting activities, those adjacent to the work area may feel low vibrations accompanied by the sound of distant thunder, which are normal and expected for the planned blasting activity. To view the public meeting focused on blasting that was held on September 14, 2021 please follow this link.

Another crew will be installing water line along US 7/Shelburne Street between Locust Street and Marion Street.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: In response to the blasting plans, Burlington Department of Public Works (DPW) - Water Resources plans to close select valves to help minimize the potential negative impacts of the controlled blasting.  As valves are operated, properties located in the vicinity may be impacted with fluctuating water pressure or discolored water.  Discoloration happens when the naturally occurring minerals and sediments that accumulate in water mains are disturbed. If the water becomes discolored, Burlington DPW recommends waiting until water quality is restored before using it for drinking or laundry. They also recommend avoiding the use of hot water because sediment can be drawn into the water heater. In order to restore water clarity, residents are advised to run a cold water tap for several minutes or until the discoloration is gone.

There are no planned utility outages for area residents. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to the following resources:

VTrans Project Team
Project Hotline: 802-496-8956

Water Resources Customer Care
Phone: 802-863-4501

LOCATION: The Shelburne Street Roundabout project is located at the intersection of US Route 7 (Shelburne Street, South Willard Street), ALT US Route 7 (Shelburne Street) Locust Street and Ledge Road in the City of Burlington, VT. The US Route 7 project limits extend from Shelburne Street at Adams Court to South Willard Street at Chittenden Drive and on Shelburne Street along ALT US Route 7 at Marion Street. Work will also be conducted on the following side streets: Gove Court, Locust Street and Ledge Road.




View the recording from the Project Information Metting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. CLICK HERE

View the slide deck from the Project Information Meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. CLICK HERE



The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) and the Burlington Department of Public Works (Burlington DPW) are improving roadway conditions for all users along US Route 7 (Shelburne Street) in Burlington. This joint initiative includes street reconstruction and the construction of a new single-lane roundabout at the intersection of US Route 7 (South Willard Street), US ALT Route 7 (Shelburne Street), Ledge Road and Locust Street. The project also includes the addition of a designated left turn lane onto Ledge Road and the installation of new pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Furthermore, the project will improve signage, street lighting, drainage, stormwater runoff treatment, and relocate and consolidate utility transmissions underground. The project was awarded to S.D. Ireland Brothers of Williston on May 1, 2021. Construction is expected to begin in 2021 and continue through July 2023.  

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