Frequently Asked Questions

Logo for the Shelburne Street roundabout project in Burlington, VT

Please review the list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs, please contact the project team.

  1. How long will construction last?

    Construction is slated to begin in 2021 and will end by July 2023. Once a contractor is selected and the schedule is approved, the website will be updated with more specific construction information.


  2. I live along the construction route, will access to driveways be provided at all times?

    Access to residences and businesses will be maintained throughout the project. If the contractor anticipates accesses to be blocked, the contractor will visit residences and leave notices. All pre-planned access closures will be a short as possible.


  3. Who is the contractor?

    The contractor has not yet been selected. The project is set to go to bid in January 2021 and a contractor will be selected once the bid closes.


  4. Why was a roundabout determined to be the best option?

    The Roundabout design was selected because it is the best-engineered solution to manage continuous decreased vehicular speeds, offers up to a 72% crash reduction rate, provides pedestrians and bicyclists the shortest street crossings with the highest rate of visibility, can accommodate large trucks if needed, provides the opportunity for future expansion if needed and provides the City of Burlington with a gateway that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive.


  5. Where will the detour routes be located and when will the detours begin and end?

    Please review the anticipated traffic impacts for each construction phase outlined on the Construction Phases page. These detours are potential routes for the contractor to utilize. The routes and durations can be altered by the contractor to fit the needs of the construction activities. Advance notice to the public regarding all detour routes and their durations will be disseminated at that time.


  6. Will there be night construction?

    Project construction will generally be restricted to daylight hours. Nighttime work will not be allowed unless a specific activity is considered an emergency (i.e., utility service disruption, etc.). Note that during the summertime, daylight can last into the 8 PM and 9 PM hours during the evenings, and depending on the construction activity, the contractor may choose to utilize these hours to expedite the construction schedule or to minimize work during peak traffic hours.


  7. Will there be weekend construction?

    Construction will generally be restricted to weekdays. Saturday work may be permitted depending on the construction activity and circumstances. Sunday work will be prohibited.


  8. How will dust be mitigated?

    Dust as a result of construction activity is unavoidable. The contractor will be required to have materials such as water and calcium chloride available on site at all times to keep dust proliferation to a minimum.


  9. How will bicyclists and pedestrians navigate the roundabout?

    The proposed roundabout and the streets approaching it will have sidewalks and shared-use paths dedicated to pedestrian and bicycle usage. Push button-activated signals will be available at all street crossings to alert vehicles that a bicyclist or pedestrian desires to cross the street and reminds the driver that they have the right-of-way to do so.

Example of the push button-activated signals that will be installed as part of this project.

Example of the push button-activated signals that will be installed as part of this project.


10. What are the project construction limits?

  • US Route 7 (Shelburne Street/South Willard Street): starting at the intersection with Adams Court northerly through the roundabout intersection and continuing along South Willard Street to the intersection of Chittenden Drive.
  • ALT US Route 7 (Shelburne Street): starting at the roundabout intersection and continuing northerly to the intersection of Marion Street.

  • Locust Street: starting in front of Christ the King Church and continuing easterly to the roundabout intersection.

  • Ledge Road: starting the roundabout intersection and continuing for approximately 125 feet easterly.