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New Grant Information Sheet
Grant Amendment Information Sheet
Grant Agreement Part 1

FEMA Forms and Instructions

Monitoring Strategies - A Guidebook for AOT Grantees

Disaster Grants - Public Assistance

FEMA Applicant Forms

Contract Summary Record

Direct Admin Costs Attachment A

Direct Admin Costs (Subgrantee)

Force Account Equipment Record

Project Closeout

Project Worksheet Closeout Summary Sheet

Final Payment Instructions

Progress Payment Instructions

The Final Review of the Grant: Inspection & Audit Flow Chart

Time Extension Examples -

Time Extension Checklist Example

Template Letter for Time Extension Example

Financial Reports and Budgetary Information

Executive Budget Recommendations

Budget documents as submitted by the Governor to the Vermont State Legislature.

State Budget Acts

State budget documents published on the Vermont Legislature's website.

Town Payment Reports

Report of payments made by the State of Vermont to a municipality during a six-month period. Clicking the link above will redirect you to the Town Reports page where the municipality and time period may be selected.

Tax Expenditures

The Department of Taxes prepares biennial reports on expenditures in the individual income, corporate income, sales and use, meals and rooms, and property tax categories. The link above is for the reports which are on the Department of Taxes website.

Federal Funds

Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA)

The Cash Management Improvement Act is federal legislation providing general rules and procedures for the efficient transfer of Federal financial assistance between the US Treasury and State governments.

Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP)

The SWCAP is a federally approved indirect overhead cost rate. The plan allocates these statewide overhead costs to operating departments in accordance with OMB Circular A-87. These costs are then allowable costs to federal programs which allows them to pay their "fair share" of statewide overhead costs.

Federal Grants Report

Annual report of federal grants issued by State of Vermont agencies and departments.

SEFA Report

The Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards. This report is part of the State's annual single audit report.

Other Reports & Publications

Internal Control Newsletters

Quarterly internal control newsletters intended to educate and inform State of Vermont agencies and departments about internal control issues and practices.