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Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR)

When an Agreement is a Grant funded in whole or in part by Federal funds, the Subrecipient will complete the Subrecipient Annual Report sent to the applicant by the Finance and Administration Division it is due annually within 45 days after the applicant’s fiscal year end. The Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR) informs the State of Vermont whether or not a Single Audit is required for the applicant prior fiscal year.

If a Single Audit is required, the Subrecipient will submit a copy of the Single audit report to the granting Party within 9 months of the end of their fiscal year.

Single Audit (Uniform Guidance)

The Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR) form can be found at the following website:

More information and FAQ’s about the Subrecipient Annual Report (SAR) can be found at the following website: