VTrans Training Center

The Agency of Transportation (AOT) is committed to the development, growth, and retention of our workforce of today and the evolving workforce of the future while focusing on our cultural values of safety, civility and respect, employee engagement and customer service. VTTC focuses on the development and delivery of agency-specific transportation and technical training needs that improve employee engagement and enhance performance through relevant, transferrable, and high-quality learning opportunities.

The VTrans Training Center (VTTC) was created to support AOT employees as well as our municipal partners. VTTC offers a wide variety of trainings which can be viewed in the course catalog of the Learning Management System (LMS).

Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities or mobility issues so they may attend VTTC trainings. Please contact the VTTC at (802) 828-3768 at least five work days prior to commencement of class if you need an accommodation.


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