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Construction Contracting Prequalification

Policies & Procedures on Prequalification, Bidding, and Award of Contracts

Find out the policies and procedures for the Construction Prequalification process and the procedures for Bidding and Awarding of Construction Contracts. (Revision Effective 01/01/2018)

Annual Prequalification Questionnaire

Download the Prequalification Questionnaire by clicking on the link above .

This Prequalification Questionnaire Form may be filled out electronically, however may not be submitted electronically at this time as it must bear original signatures and a notary stamp.

Please send the completed questionnaire to the following address:

Agency of Transportation
Office of Contract Administration
1 National Life Drive
Montpelier, Vermont 05633-5001

CA 82 Form Standard Form - Request for Contract Specific Prequalification

Potential Prime Contractors that are ordering a Proposal to bid on a project must print and fill out this form to send in with your request. SubContractors do not have to fill out this form.

Contact Information for Currently Prequalified Prime Contractors - Disclaimer

The following list of contact information is for Prime contractors currently Prequalified to bid with the Vermont Agency of Transportation. This list is a snapshot in time. Whether due to expiration, revocation, debarment or some other reason, names on this list may not be on the list if researched at some other time. Similarly, other names may have been added if researched at a different time. The list will be updated approximately monthly.

The list is also subject to the limitations of the context and process in which they are created and used. The Annual Prequalification process that generated the list is specific to the Policies and Procedures for Prequalification, Bidding and Award of Contracts utilized by the Agency for the contracts it publicly advertises for bid and establishes capacities and categories for use during a defined period. That Agency process also utilizes a subsequent Contract Specific Prequalification process for establishing eligibility to bid on the advertised contracts. To rely on only a portion of the process could result in information taken out of context. Third parties may not rely on the list as any assurance of the quantitative or qualitative ability of the listed firms to perform at any particular time depending on their current situations at that time or in regard to any particular project being considered.

Currently Prequalified Prime Contractors