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Job Order Contracting (JOC)



  • Job Order Contracts “JOCs” are a new method for procuring rented equipment and related services for VTrans small-scale maintenance and repair needs.

  • JOCs will replace a contracting method commonly referred to as Category I Maintenance and Rental Agreements or “CAT I MRAs.”

  • Once JOCs are in place, CAT I’s will no longer be utilized, even if your CAT I MRA contract is not expired.If you have a CAT I contract and wish to continue to provide such services in the future, you must successfully bid on the JOC.
  • Contractors may choose to offer their equipment and services statewide, or only to specific districts.

  • VTrans will award Job Orders to contractors with the appropriate equipment and geographical location on an as-needed basis.

  • Job Orders will either be based on established hourly rates or lump sum pricing.When assigning a lump sum Job Order, VTrans will solicit at least 3 quotes from the contractor pool.

  • JOC contracts will be for an initial 2-year term, with the option to extend for 2 additional 1-year periods. Prices may only be adjusted at the first extension year and will remain in effect for a subsequently exercised 1-year extension.

  • VTrans will document all Job Orders using a Job Order Form.In cases where lump sum pricing is solicited, Contractors will use this form when providing a quote.

  • The maximum limiting amounts of the JOCs will vary based upon the type of equipment listed as available by the Contactor and VTrans’ anticipated needs.