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Rail and Aviation Maintenance and Repair - Bid Results and Awards

Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

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IDIQ Task Bid Request       Bid opening Date Link to Detail bid
Task Award Date
SOL-0000300 Highgate AV-FY21-014 02/03/2022 12:00 PM Bid Results 02/14/2022
SOL-0000296 Middlebury AVFY19-016 01/27/2022 11:00 AM Bid Results  02/03/2022
SOL-0000310 Berlin AV-FY21-005 04/07/2022 11:00 AM Bid Results 04/29/2022
SOL-0000383 Middlebury AVFY19-016 PHASE 2 02/02/2023 12:00 PM Bid Results


SOL-0000839 Hardwick RELV2311 11/13/2023 12:00PM Bid Results  
SOL-0000931 Walden-Greensboro RELV2301 05/01/2024 2:30 PM Bid Results 05/07/2024
SOL-0000822 Arlington VTRY(61) 08/01/2024 11:00 AM    


Awarded Primary Contracts

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IQ005 2023-2028 Primary IDIQ Contractors