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Report Overview

The paper crash reports are in pad configuration of ten reports per pad. Each report consists of six pages: four pages on which the investigating officer enters information relating to the crash and two colored pages which are copies of Page 1. The colored copies are meant to be removed from the report and a copy given to each operator. Two overlays capturing additional information about the crash are attached to each pad of reports. The overlays are designed to collect as much information as possible on the 8½" x 11" crash report. The overlays allow the officer to enter numerical codes relating to corresponding data elements. (For those agencies submitting crash reports via the electronic application, the paper report can serve as the operator copy information sheets as well as a note taking tool. However, the officer can also provide a copy of page 1 to each operator via email. This can be done by creating a PDF of page 1 and emailing it directly to each operator.)

The crash report must be completed for all reportable motor vehicle crashes. Ideally, the 4-page report should be completed in its entirety. However, completion of a lengthy report is not always feasible or necessary from a law enforcement perspective.

The “overlay” format of the crash report has been designed to make crash reporting easier and faster. Page 1 of the report, Overlay 1 and relevant sections of Overlay 2, collect the minimum requirements necessary for crash reporting. Therefore, completion of the Page1/Overlay1/Overlay2 combination will result in a minimally complete report.

For more thorough reporting, such as when BAC levels, citation data, additional persons or injury data are necessary; or when the crash involves a commercial vehicle or a vehicle carrying a hazardous material, Page 3 should be completed in addition to Page 1, Overlay 1 and relevant sections of Overlay 2.

The Crash Narrative of Page 2 and the Crash Diagram of Page 4 are to be completed as necessary.

Sequence for Completing an Entire Report